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1/17/2016 c8 7PumpkinJellicle
Oh my gosh! Ive recently come to love Jerrie and Jemima together, this fic was so great!
I found myself getting tearful at their seperation and again when he returned! I really think Jem would be great friends with the twins.

I was so proud of the little thing for standing up to Macavity like that! I was so scared for her though!

Again wonderful story, now I simply must go and check the sequel!
2/14/2015 c5 Munk's Lady
Oh wow I was not expecting that from Tumble. I would have expected him to fight Jerrie before letting Jem go.
11/29/2014 c8 Anon
The plot is so clever! I enjoyed this story very much. Well done!
11/13/2014 c8 ChristineZombie1
Yes I want more! this so cute more please
11/12/2014 c1 3lucijmelatiwriter
I love this chapter. It is so good. I love how you explained Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer leaving for America and Jemima and Jerrie kissing. That's so sweet.
7/22/2012 c7 3Cocobutterrox
You know what's really sad now...Tumble is mateless :( I feel really bad for him. It's like Jerrie and Jemima get a happy ending and then Tumble's ending is like, "My mate loves someone else. We split up and now I have no mate and my ex-mate is a lot happier than when she was my mate. *tear*." And strangely...I love that. Because super happy endings can be so sugary it's sickening :p Which is why I love this ending. I still feel bad for Tumble, but I love how your story is making me feel these emotions!
Most beautiful last sentence ever :) *wipes tear from eye*
Please write more stories soon! You're such a good writer! Can't wait for more ;D
7/22/2012 c6 Cocobutterrox
Oh Everlasting Cat a fight scene? BETWEEN WHO? I MUST KNOW! And I really can't critique your fight scene either, because I can't do one myself ;) Seriously. The first fight scene I wrote was just...a mess xD haha. But I'm sure yours will be great :)
Actually, I'm IN LOVE with dialogue! It's my best friend! I love it, love it, love it!
Haha sorry anyway...
Onto the chapter!
Oooh, I wonder what "came up"! This is so suspenseful, I can't wait to read the rest which I'm going to do right now! xD
The dead grass if very suspicious...does Macavity have something to do with it? Oh no...
Wooh! I love it when Macavity comes into a story to spice it up xD Haha why do I keep on saying that..."spice it up"...gah I'm weird...
SHOOOOOOOOOT! (Macavity's got Jemima)
Oh gosh this is so intense...I AUTOMATICALLY LOVE THIS CHAPTER even though I haven't finished reading it...but it's really, really good so far!
Isn't Jemima feisty? Haha :D I really admire her strength when she's around Macavity. If that were me I would probably say something like "I promise that I will give you one million dollars if you let me go" on impulse xD even though I don't have one million dollars. And then I'd become desperate and say "FIVE MILLION! I'LL GIVE YOU FIVE MILLION BUCKS IF YOU SET ME FREE!" xD Okay sorry that was really random. Haha back to the story!
That is so true...Macavity does, like, NOTHING. He just sits in his office and signs papers xD He's still pretty boss, though.
"disgusting joy" I couldn't have explained it better myself ;D
There seems to be a lack of question marks. Is there a reason why whenever there is a question in dialogue, there is no question mark? Just curious ;)
Best. Chapter. Yet. :D I'm sad that there's just one chapter left, but this story seems to be wrapping up quite nicely :) On to the next chapter!
7/22/2012 c5 Cocobutterrox
Aww, Tumblebrutus is so sweet :) I hope Jemima is grateful for the way he has been treating her!
In general, I don't favor one Jemima pairing over another; I'm really okay with anything. In this story, I feel like she should be with Tumble, since he's so nice to her :D Of course, I'll have to wait and see if Mungojerrie proves himself worthy xD haha. I'm totally good with whatever you choose, because I know there will be a good reason for the choice!
"You can't help how you feel Jem and neither can I." Tumblebrutus is so wise :D Because of what he just said, I'm not mad at Jemima anymore :)
Probably my favorite chapter, but it's hard to choose! This chapter was incredible and Tumble was totally AWESOME. On to the next chapter!
7/18/2012 c4 Cocobutterrox
Congrats on winning the contest :D :D
Aw, shoot! That's so sad :( I wish she could sing to Jerrie, but then how embarrassing would that be for Tumblebrutus! And I like Tumble; I don't think he's a bad tom or anything. But I would rather have Mungojerrie be with Jemima :)
OMEC THAT WAS SO SWEET! Maybe Tumblebrutus SHOULD be with Jemima...agh I don't know who should be with Jemima! Now what is Jemima going to sing, I wonder?
My hands are shaking...I'm really scared as to how this conversation between Tumble and Jerrie will go...
I love the father-daughter relationship between Munkustrap and Jemima :)
I must know what Tumble will say to Mungojerrie! What if he...I don't know...slugs him across the face? xD I absolutely love this chapter! On to the next one!
7/12/2012 c3 Cocobutterrox
AWWWW Jerrie is being so sweet! SO. SWEET.
Aw, this chapter chapter was so cute! I hope Jemima finds a way to...I don't know..."demate" with Tumble haha. But I'm afraid that it might break Tumblebrutus's heart :( Wonderful chapter! On to the next one!
7/11/2012 c2 Cocobutterrox
Ah! That was so sweet! I'm glad Jerrie was all chill with everything that was going on :D I'm glad they reunited again! But I'm afraid there will be trouble in the future :/ Will Tumblebrutus be okay with this? Sorry for the short review, but I must read on! Great chapter :)
7/11/2012 c1 Cocobutterrox
Okay...sorry...haha that was really random...
You see, I usually type my reviews as I read the story. Now I have to scroll up and down every time I want to type something :(
Okay I'm done.
I'm going to start reading now :)
Aw, what's up with Jemima? Does she not like being Tumble's mate or something?
WHOA. Electra and Asparagus...very interesting...I wonder how that'll turn out ;)
Awww, I think Jem and Jerrie would be cute :D But something about that tear in the beginning is worrying me...what went wrong...?
AWWW! That's so sad :( They should run away from their owners and stay at the junkyard permanently! NO!
Oh...THAT'S why they can't run away...STILL! Mungojerrie should break the rules or something! NO I DON'T WANT HIM TO LEAVEEEE!
*GASP* I really hope that's Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer! And not...Macavity's henchcats or something :/ Ooooh, I hope they get to reunite! Only Jemima has a mate now...aw, man...Well, as you can see, I love where the story is going haha...I must read on!
6/29/2012 c1 2Thine Own Self
Wonderful story that absolutely made me doubt my favorite pairing lol :) beautifully written
6/25/2012 c7 16RachelClaire
Aw, yay, thank you for a great read! I'm glad everything was tied up so nicely in the end, and that everything worked out :) It was nice to read a well thought-out, well-written CATS fanfic. Great job!
6/23/2012 c7 9Missa Catlover
Yea everything worked out!

Jemima and Mungo are finally together!

Yea happy ending!

Great job!

Now get to work on your other story! :)
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