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for Kitten Loki

7/14/2015 c25 spot'scrazygirl
I like it please update really soon!
5/27/2015 c19 Guest
Thor's kisses, Loki sleeping...UTTER KAWAII!
5/27/2015 c16 Guest
Cursed homework right Kido?
5/27/2015 c7 Guest
Loki is sooooooo cute! And I'm glad you added Hel.
5/27/2015 c4 Guest
I know you're probably done with this already, but try to remember to add ed and Ing at the end of certain words. Just trying to be helpful. ;)
4/18/2015 c25 4LapisAlba
Oh dear... What have they done?
2/24/2015 c25 3177A-BleekerSt
It's totally epic..., loved it completely. Please continue. :))
11/2/2014 c25 Queen-of-Hearts - Demios
I wanna read the next
11/2/2014 c4 Queen-of-Hearts - Demios
The picture is so cute! The story is so cute! Loki is so adorable! Can't wait and lokitty is such a crybaby, well I guess that's fine, cause he's a kid here
10/17/2014 c25 Guest
6/6/2014 c25 Guest
I love it.
4/8/2014 c24 Guest
4/2/2014 c24 cynder
Yay you updated im so happy sorry this reveiw is late
3/30/2014 c24 2Mizra67
Woah! I didn't expect you to update! Awesome! I like that you're gonna continue the fan fic! Keep it up! I love this!
3/26/2014 c23 cynder
Are you going to continue this is hilarious ha we all want to see tony be chased around and tortured if I was there watching that I would be recording it and putting it on youtube and eating candy while watching him be chased around the room and it needs benny hill theme song that makes it even more funny good story you have here
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