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for Mercilessly

4/5/2014 c1 22DaniChibari
Whoa, that was really hardcore. I liked the bit you added at the end though, about how France will always be there. It's so true.
11/14/2013 c1 Gyabin
Wow... this was awesome o.o
8/5/2013 c1 9The Egoist's Girlfriend
This was so dangerously sexy!
6/28/2013 c1 4OodleNoodle
I love how you've established their relationship here!
12/16/2012 c1 11Pookey
Yes! Yesyesyesyes! *is all I can say*
12/4/2012 c1 DDMMYYYY
Whoa... What a fanfiction.
I've read it like without taking a breath, seriously!

As a french, I loved how the dark side of France was showing here. Really, I felt cold on my skin!

Ahh, a really well written fanfiction about FrUk. Thanks, it's been so long since I didn't read a forbidden pleasure like this one.
12/3/2012 c1 Cat
From what I can see ((idk it may be different I stink at this website, 'tis why I have no account xD)) no one has commented on this yet! I don't see why ; It's very well-written and I just love the roughness and angst that it involves in it..it's very hot, good job!
7/14/2012 c1 Alesea
This is brilliant and really well written. I think this is the best fan fiction I have ever read!
7/9/2012 c1 RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets
This was awesome!
6/15/2012 c1 1Carly Ithilin
This was wonderfully written. I think you've portrayed the relationship between France and England perfectly.
6/15/2012 c1 8Yaoi-Mayer
Gorgeous. Rough and hard, yet I really loved it! Really amazing!
6/15/2012 c1 10Lispet
This is awesome. I don't really know what to say, but I like it. Please never stop writing
6/14/2012 c1 KitsuneMagic48

My eyes are happy.

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