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8/5/2012 c9 AppleTea21
Love it. Please make more of this couple
7/1/2012 c6 6gemmasteran
The truth is I am a new member so I cant replay you by email, but I have read all fic in fanfiction. And yes, I read Eleven Reasons before I read More Important. I like them all. I like your style, but maybe (That is I think) the pair MusaHiru have less person like than pair HiruSena, ShinSena and HiruMamo so you dont have much review. Dont be sad, and keep going. I will suppor you. Thanks.
7/1/2012 c9 gemmasteran
Ta da, clap clpa clap. Congatulations, you have done( but I know you have done it in chapter 1). Thanks and I hope you will make a new exciting story about this pair. (Really you make me hope some *beep* at the end).
7/1/2012 c8 gemmasteran
Clap clap, now the tall blonde devilish boy have his mate. 3 things: Firstly, I like your story more than all story except Abuse story. Secondly, I ove two pairs: MusaHiru and Hirusena( Sena too cute), so I support all story about them. Lastly, thanks you and hope new chapters
7/1/2012 c7 gemmasteran
Yay yay, so cute, even that is a old-men with a devilish men. Hope new chapters
6/19/2012 c5 gekokujou Hiruma tricking all of them again...? Would be great, because he seemed a little bit out of character to me in the first chapters...I missed his manic laughter...

so, please update!

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