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for Jack's Story

10/24/2012 c6 2flying.bicycle
I have really been loving this story and can't wait to see the next chapter! I feel like somehow this story has really hit its stride and cemented its place on my favorites list.
8/18/2012 c4 batseye
Excellent so far. Really looking forward to see where you take this.
6/23/2012 c2 23TheLastSalamander
Nicely done. It makes sense that Jack would be sketched out by so many extra heads coming at the last moment. That's how things go wrong and people get caught (as we later find out, hehe). Looking forward to your angle on the rest of the comic so far. I'm also hoping to see some you cover some Jack goodness that wasn't explicitly in the cannon or shown to the readers in the comic.
6/16/2012 c1 Toolazytosignin
Wow, this is awesome! Great writing and great story!

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