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11/13/2009 c1 Tonnerre
Hot Damn that's cool. Faving.
10/17/2004 c11 AllNightDreamer
First off, let me tell you how amazed and thankful I am to have read a story about one of the lesser known characters of the LoK series. Not only do you begin to explain Azimuth's personality, but you reveal deeper aspects of the other guardians. I never thought to sympathize with Malek, yet you shed light on the cursed fanatic. And the empathy towards Mortanius! I have always liked him, but had never really seen much done with him. I also liked the idea of how the Pillars changed the Guardians over time, an idea I had never played with. I really hope you continue this story and I will read your others.

I thought some of this story was too wordy in some places but then again, wasn't all of Blood Omen too wordy? I suppose it helped capture the feeling of the game. I would like to see more of Moebius, he too is one character ignored. I think his backstory would be very interesting in the hands of one who could at least attempt empathy on the old snake. Well, anyway, I hope to see more. Keep writing!
9/28/2003 c11 14Syvia
You've taken it upon yourself to write about one of the lesser known characters of Blood Omen 1 and you're doing one HELL of a job! Not only that, but you're also writing about Azimuth from the beginning of her guardianship, and it's amazing to see the Circle members as children.

Wonderful job- I hope I see the next chapter as soon as you post it. ^_^
2/17/2003 c2 4Deionarra
Ohh. Utterly kickass. Let me get the nitpicking out of my system first. *The Sprite of Small Details emerges from the woodwork.* Cut down on runon sentences! *sprite returns to the place from whence it came*

But I don't know what I can say. It's very well done. I like how you make Azimuth so eerily precocious *sp?*. it fits her very well. And even the smallest events have impact on her. It certainly brings her to life. I'll have to add this to my favorites list and read it a bit at a time; gotta have time to write my own fanfic, you know. ;) You deserve many more reviews. Keep going, for the love of God.
9/29/2002 c9 5Ardeth Silvereni
This is a really interesting story, focusing on one of my favourite characters. :) Azimuth appears so briefly in Blood Omen, so it's really nice to explore her history. She has the potential to be a tragic figure, and I think you're portraying her very well.

I'm looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the good work, Taransay! :)
9/27/2002 c9 Aristide
*falls off chair* Oo;; GASP! *skitters back up* GOOD GOD GIRL! *brushes her-self off* thats just *wide-eyed* WOW! Ficcy is good-ness! More soon? ja?
9/27/2002 c9 20Debb
Good chapter, and good story in general, hope for another update soon :).
8/27/2002 c8 Raziel Bonne
Bravo! FINALLY someone does something fan-related to my FAVORITE guardian of the pillars. Although, I have yet to reach her in Blood Omen 1 (just entering Dark Eden). I also recently saw some fanart of Azimuth... as much as I love her, damn is she ugly. :) At least as a psychotic demon-summoning religious tyrant... she be bald!
8/27/2002 c8 14Syvia
Enter the asshole. ^_^ Good chapter & please keep them coming!
8/18/2002 c8 Venris
very nice, really nice, and i'm sorry none of my other reviwes went though. hehe i think this is my favorite chapter to date ^-^
7/31/2002 c6 Syvia
*big BIIIIIIG grin* Oh PLEASE keep going. ^_^
7/19/2002 c5 Aristide
oh wow, your work is beautiful, and the indepth feel to it is grand! i have a question, will all the Guardian be in this at one point, ohh i hopes so! very good ficcy indeed!
7/16/2002 c4 Cat in a Hat

I love fics that deal with a sole character. You can really get in-depth with them, their lives and personalities. Neat work.
7/13/2002 c4 AmuseMe
mmm very ... very, very nice. Beautifully written; your sentences flow like water.. please update soon!
6/10/2002 c2 Syvia
Fun fact- Azimuth means 'direction' in the horizontal plane. ^_^

Good chapter! :-D
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