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7/26/2012 c8 Andrew
I like the Steve/Vega pairing a lot. They seem meant for each other just like how I feel Kaidan and Shepard make perfect sense for one another. As always the writing was really good :)
7/25/2012 c7 Samuel
Hey i'm really liking your story! I just finished the game, like 10 minutes ago ) and i was wondering if you had uploaded a new chapter, i'm very pleased that you had.

I like the interaction that you do with the crew and i like yours ideas too.

I have one of mine, since the beginning of the game i think that steve and vega should be a couple, when steve says that he down't known if vega care for him or it was the cervesa talking ) i pictured a drunk james telling his secret feelings for steve.

I know its crazy but i would love if you have the same idea as i, or at least if you give some innuendos and tips )

I'm anxious to see how you will do the scene when they finally see each other again and ohh i just remembered what kaindan said to him, that he will fight to get the chance to hold him in his arms again.

Ok enough ramble.

Hugs to you and keep up the good writing

7/22/2012 c1 HarleyQuinnAddict
Just want to say you did a wonderful job and I look forward to more chapters!
7/19/2012 c7 5AlexMason666
Another great chapter, I hope that soon we can see the Normandy repaired and Shepard wake up finally. The letter nearly made me blubber, reading fics, the game itself, all so emotional. I also wanted to tell you I'm going to write my own fic, your story inspired me to create my own endings for the story I love so much.
7/19/2012 c7 MarkMeUp
Just discovered this fic today and it's absolutely, gut-wrenchingly fantastic.
7/4/2012 c5 Guest
amazing, i love it, very detailed
6/25/2012 c4 13Kyria Nyriese
Great story, just got around to reading it, keep up with the great work hun :)
6/25/2012 c1 JPaul
Nice little chapter! I'll check out the others.

Is there a link to the "Music Video" idea you mention in the introduction? Can you post it here?
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