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for Lionhood

7/21/2012 c3 Guest
Wow this is very interesting. Wonder what's gonna happen in the next chapter
7/15/2012 c1 8Brasta Septim
Good as usual. It's been a while, but I see you're writing again. Apparently a long hiatus has not affected your quality.
7/7/2012 c3 1QueenRN1212
Is Nala gonna show up? I prefer her with Simba rather than Katari. Not that I don't like her, I just think that Simba is better with Nala.
Overall, great chapter and really looking forward for the next one!
6/29/2012 c2 5SHReid
This relationship between simba and Katari is pretty interesting. It seems you like this idea enough to make this a complete story. I hope you do! :)
6/29/2012 c2 3Ultimate10
I'm hooked on ur fic so far! This is really good. PS: an and
6/28/2012 c2 1QueenRN1212
Kataria seems pretty nice but I'm not a fan of her. Nice chapter though continue please :)
6/25/2012 c1 6Cupcake-Captain
amazing will you make more chapters
6/17/2012 c1 1QueenRN1212
So far so good! Update soon!
6/17/2012 c1 1Fewtch
Sounds cool, man! Please update soon! :D
6/17/2012 c1 Milamber
That's a cool idea! I can't wait for the next chapter. very good job!
6/16/2012 c1 iPhones suck
Anyways I'm ate also

Sorry bout the blank review stupid iPhone lag...anyways finished it, seems promising so I'll stay in touch, now please if it's in text I'll accept this typo and is spelled and not an, also when kitari is speaking a few grammatical errors there. Also towards the ends needs some revision other than that good job and I'll enjoy this one, as much as the other ones...also another thing the 2 or 3 paragraph 1st letter of 1st sentence not in caps!

Also since you don't remember me most likely here's a hint I can't remember pass word and do t particularly want to

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Again last half needs some grammar help

Catch ya later
6/16/2012 c1 Iforgotmypassword
Ugh it's me stw anyways I know it's late at least where I am but, I kit read the first paragraph or so and I have had a field day with spelling errors sorry for being blunt sounds great I'll finish reading it now just pointing out the importance of proof reading more specifics after I read the whole thing

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