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6/17/2012 c1 Anon
May I reccomend you put your A/N at the top instead? Warnings are more helpful BEFORE you read the fic.

I picked up on a typo 'And the old man lifts his hand, moves towards the fallen angle in front of him' it needs to say angel instead of angle.

I think you have a good Tom voice. He is a pretentious psychopath with Thanatophobia. The sudden realisation of his own frail mortality seemed to come out of nowhere, but has an almost fable-like air to it.

I was squicked. But not the "EWW MY EYES! HOW COULD YOU?" kind of squick. It's the kind of squick where you find the content unsettling but it doesn't stop you.

'I find it hypocritical to say things like do not read if you're under 18 because I'm obviously not 18 and I wrote it.' Obviously? How is it obvious? There are plenty of over-18s on this site.

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