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7/16/2012 c8 2katiekatz27
yay they caught the dude who was hurting Kensi and got him to confess! Callen and Kensi are finally officially together! how cute :) really great ending to a realy great story. a sequel would be awesome!
7/16/2012 c8 Anne
Sorta sad it's finished lol but looking forward to your next story! I'm so jealous cos we don't get season 3 in England 'til 27th August. Sky TV has September as an estimated date for the start of season 4 but I'm guessing that's based on the release date in the states and we're usually few weeks behind and have to put up with a break over christmas.

I think you should go for a finale story! We know that both Callen and Hetty were there for first day of filming for season 4. I'm going with the theory that it was a complete set up and Callen did what he was supposed to do and they weren't real bullets. Kensi could have been in on it as she confirmed death but there was no blood seen at all on the body. The TV crew is hard to explain unless it was all part of the set up and the LAPD cops that arrested him weren't real either. There's no way it could be real TV coverage (not live anyway) cos it would mean Callen wouldn't be able to continue working for OSP, nor would Sam, Kensi or Deeks!

7/16/2012 c8 dancegirlwhs
loved this story...I am soo sad to see this end. I would love to see a sequel mostly because I love your writing.
7/16/2012 c8 foreverncis
I am not a big Callen and Kensi fan. I am more for Densi. But, I liked the story and really enjoyed it. It was something different from Densi and that was good. Keep up the great writing!
7/16/2012 c8 Guest
Awesome story! It was hilarious! A sequel would be great if you wanted to do one!
7/16/2012 c8 1Callensi
Really sad that this has ended! It's the only Callen/Kensi fic that was being updated. Now what am I gonna read? Glad they were able to 'coerce' a confession. Haha. I'm sure Hetty would frown on their tactics though! But they all should have roughed him up for what he did to Kensi! Maybe an epilogue? Maybe? Just to get a little bit more Callen and Kensi?
7/16/2012 c8 1Jenna98
i can't wait for more callen/kensi stories! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOR WORK!

7/16/2012 c8 Guest
Brilliant story, cant belive its over :( really enjoyed reding it tho :) xx
7/16/2012 c8 8Sazzita
Great Story Honey!
7/15/2012 c7 1Mrs Percy James Mellark
I have spent my July holidays with my dad going up and down the east coast from Canberra(where he lives) to Newcastle and so haven't had access
To a copotent computer in ages. I actually missed reading your stories! Not usually a kensi/callen fan but your turning me around, but I still prefer Deeks:) keep writing don't ever stop and update ASAP from one of ur many fans, Amy:) (finally bothered signing in to review;))
7/13/2012 c7 Anne
Still loving this story! One of the things I love about NCIS LA is the humour and banter between the characters and you've nailed that! Love 'high' Kensi running off with Callen's phone lol. I could imagine Kensi would be a pain when hyper - an excitable munchkin seems very apt!

I've been checking few times a day for the next chapter so very happy this morning when I logged on to find chapter 7.

You're welcome for the review and I have to say you wouldn't know you found it hard to write the banter between Deeks and Sam. Wish they'd put them on a few stakeouts for the show, be interesting to see how long Sam could take it before shooting him!

Looking forward to chapter 8, great to have something to keep me going til the new series. Currently re-watching the episodes from beginning and wondering why we have to wait til August for series 3 to be released in England and hoping we get series 4 soon after the states as I'm dying to know how they're going to deal with the series 3 finale! Have you thought about writing a story for that?

Thanks for the cookies! x
7/13/2012 c7 2katiekatz27
Kensi high off her meds was very funny :) this chapter like all the others was very well done. wonder how kensi will react to the interrogation. At least she will have Callen there beside her :D can't wait for the next chapter
7/13/2012 c7 73xana4
Loved it, as usual )
7/13/2012 c7 3Lindsay1993
Kensi as a five year old that was good :) I was laughing really hard this whole chapter :D :D
7/12/2012 c7 1Jenna98
love all of kensi's moods! it had me laughing! )
can't wait for more
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