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for Lipstick and Low Necklines

2/29/2016 c1 2emmie333
Wow! I was feeling nostalgic so came back to read your old fics and then I find this masterpiece! I'm so proud of you friend! I had forgotten all about my additionI'm glad it worked out. Great job, friend! Love, Em
9/1/2013 c1 8camillle
That was soo cute
7/8/2012 c1 Bohemian-Otaku
my name on here is Bohemian-Otaku I was just to lazy to sign in sorry. Anyways I thought this was lovely it was quite obvious what u were a Moulin Rouge fan I think u should write a complete crossover :)
7/6/2012 c1 8Keri Kimura
Yes. Just... yah. The ending was perfect (especially that bit of dialog).
Of course I have to give you some constructive stuff, though (- stickler)- just a super minor thing. When describing something, use "its" instead of "it's". For example, "its sequins" or something.
But, the story... wow. I'm gonna go sit in a corner and cry for a bit.
favorites, reads over again, prints out a 100X smaller version of it and puts it in a locket with a magnifying glass
6/25/2012 c1 1Aleashxoxo
Cute and really well written!

I don't read many of these since I've been on Wattpad more but this was worth it even if you made me read it!

America was sooooo immature in this! Great way to show him!

Loved it!

6/20/2012 c1 18Waveripple of Team Sunrise
Oh! How cute!
6/18/2012 c1 Madik
My, what a lovely story!

I loved America in this. He's so immature and obnoxious, but he exudes such power and strength! Headcanon Alfred is right here!

Wonderful fic, good job :D

*Sniffle* And I got a shout out!
6/18/2012 c1 metometometome
I liked it! I always feel like my life doesn't have enough PoLiet as it should. Or LietPol. Either one works.

But really, I liked the plot, too.

"I am a strong and mighty American who lives off of hamburgers and freedom!" You're friend is, like, totally awesome for writing that XD I'm so gonna say that from now on.
6/17/2012 c1 Awesome In A New Way
I enjoyed reading it, interesting plot you had, I must say. Also, I love sexy club fics like this and drama, so the fact they were both incorporated made it that much better.
6/17/2012 c1 8Rebecca Calzone
This is probably my favorite LietPol story so far. I don't think I've read a story like it yet, you wrote it really well too. I felt so bad for Feliks, and Toris' awkwardness made me smile. Alfred was Alfred, something I always like. Everyone was in character and I really love how it went down between Toris and Feliks.

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