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for Forever at His Side

8/11/2017 c15 26EdwardWongHauPepiluTivriskyIV
I hope this review finds you in good spirits! I found your collection from cleaning my manga collection and revisiting Loveless. It has to be one of my favorites as well!

Even though you have not updated since 2014, I hope this alert and review sparks an interest to add some shots to this series. I look forward to more chapters and your inspiration behind them.
9/8/2016 c15 serpent's venom
One of the best Loveless fics ever made
Sweet, IC and heartwarming
Kudos! ;)
2/2/2014 c15 23Yoitemichealis
I missed you writing! This chapter was sweet. Really sweet. And I've list friends to gaming obsessions too, so I can connect here. Still, Ritsuka's so wise for his age, it's rather amazing.

Beautiful chapter! :)
2/2/2014 c15 promocat
i always thought that ristuka was the most mature(normal mature) one out of all the loveless cast(thu kio & yuiko have their times also)
2/2/2014 c15 1777angeloflove
2/2/2014 c15 82Sycocat2
You get deep into their minds in such a spectacular way. 3 very nicely done.
10/28/2013 c14 23Yoitemichealis
Awwwww that was really cute! It had a calmer atmosphere than a lot of Loveless fics(they seem to be all angst these days). Very sweet.
10/22/2013 c14 82Sycocat2
My heart! So in character, and so sweet.
10/21/2013 c14 promocat
i can see where risuka would be afriad of change -to him it has not be good
4/11/2013 c13 Sycocat2
"So I can always remember today as a day you wanted something for yourself." Aww aww aww, such a good point :) Very nicely written.
4/11/2013 c12 Sycocat2
I love Ritsuka's passion for helping Soubi :) Another cute and well written story my dear.
4/11/2013 c11 Sycocat2
Another lovely chapter, and the last scene- oh so perfect.
4/11/2013 c10 Sycocat2
Love it XD The boys can be so devilish, and aw sweaty Soubi trying to save his dear Ritsuka's childhood
4/11/2013 c8 Sycocat2
What a curious dream. Good chapter :)
4/11/2013 c7 Sycocat2
It's so sweet their bond is strengthening.
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