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for To Court the Shikon Miko

7/1/2020 c1 Jess
So cute! I loved this- thank you for sharing it with us!
5/20/2020 c1 dreamerkins
I love this! I just wish it involved the meeting where Sesshomaru introduces her to his kids. .. specifically the little shits who got he fired. .. then tells then, she's their stepmother, the reason they even still exist, and she is deserving of great respect. .. then gives them a run down of what he may do to them, if they don't figure out how respect works...lol.
5/17/2020 c1 Cecily Mitchell
Phenomenal story! I really like this pairing so I’m always pleased to see it.
2/23/2020 c1 Blacklightco
Aww he waited so long 3
7/20/2019 c1 TaxLady0415
I cannot tell you how many times I have read this story. It always makes me teary-eyed and happy. Thank you for this lovely gem.
8/11/2018 c1 1angel897
enjoyable story to read
8/5/2018 c1 19JasperK
The way they are both drawn out from despair to a beautiful and fulfilling life is magnificent. Loved this!
12/28/2017 c1 15Coolfire30
...KYAAAAAAA wow...
8/11/2017 c1 37Bloodmoon Goddess
makes me wonder what the twins thought about the mating.
7/25/2017 c1 10Lina03
LOL, nice, short, and sweet; thanks for sharing )
5/18/2016 c1 misherukuro
Squeee! 3
1/1/2015 c1 TLove18
Awww, that was so cute and sweet! I LOVE IT 3
11/10/2014 c1 2MotherDragon8581
Nice! Thank you!
8/29/2014 c1 Mirage
lovely Story and pairing
7/2/2014 c1 Vamptisha
Such a lovely story...wat a great n happy ending _
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