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1/6 c16 Brezer
yep its totally confusing. enjoyed the first one. but ty for the time on this.
1/2 c1 2DebaterMax
Love it!
11/29/2020 c16 Glitner
its an awesome story , but your srsly jumping from timelines to another timeline waaay to much fuck these last 3-4 chapters i had a hard time to understand where the fuck in the timeline i was i had to re read several times to just get it to fit in my mind
11/18/2020 c14 kirosyamcha
It keeps jumping around so much and while I like the story it gives me a headache
11/17/2020 c16 19M2J MandalorianJedi
I have to admit, I was suprised to see an update for this fic. I haven't thought of this one in years. The fact that this was an author's note update was disppointing until I read the message. So I'm kind of looking forward to reading the "remastered" version of this fic.
9/19/2020 c15 im1
I don't understand is this just a repost if your own work one under it formatted slightly differently?
8/25/2020 c1 FromTheUnknown
This is ridiculous. Not the story itself, that's actually quite good but the character interactions. I'm almost tempted to skip most of the conversation because of how cringy and just out of character everyone is. I get it's a fanfiction and you can change them however you want, but you haven't executed it very well.
7/29/2020 c13 Othello John
Very nice
7/29/2020 c1 Othello John
6/30/2020 c15 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming plz it is good
6/23/2020 c10 Eliazar Chandra
You should put in the resulting geopolitical stage like Harry Evans meets with varius political leaders, meeting with the Queen going to interviews, discovering crystal technology, various foreign spy tries to steal or reverse engineer Evans' tech in which resulting in a accident, building his own spacestation with artificial gravity. Etc
5/30/2020 c7 Guest
your mixing up reprehensive with representative and represent
when you used it with the lawyer and dumbledore i thought it was a slip of the tongue , what the lawyer thought of dumbledore.
but you used it again when harry met thor
5/17/2020 c1 NazgulBelserion
Man I reread this story I would love to see a Mass Effect Version where he does the same except he's Immortal and when the first contact war happens Humans Spank the Turians hell maybe even make it where humans have Longer life spans like Asari and Krogans so they live for like 500 years should be good enough I wish I was a good writer I'd love to write that lol
5/9/2020 c15 Hope6968
Wonderful update.
Thank you
5/5/2020 c1 Bronze
I read this once before and you said it was abandoned. Now I find it's been updated with several other stories that look like restarts. But I'm going to read this anyways. I realize that Fumblemort is old but he must also be senile. He hasn't realized that what he's doing is pushing people to Harry instead of away. I hope the authorities have a nice soft room awaiting his arrival somewhere. As for Vulturworst, any open septic tank will do really. It's not like he's human anymore.
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