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10/3/2013 c13 153IronAmerica
So...late. Kinda. :\

Trip is a wonderful big brother. But seriously, don't touch his sister. He will destroy you without even trying. (Even if you *are* a masked vigilante with more combat training than him. He will still destroy you.)

You would think Scales' kids would be more intelligent, although given that this is the Faraday family speaking, they're not inclined to be charitable.

Killing Vince would not work. It would just piss a lot of people off and someone else would become the Cape to avenge him. Tempus can't win. It's a fundamental rule of the universe.

Let me guess. Herb got him GTA or something in that vein? Hey, as long as Tempus is occupied, right? And, you know, not trying to borrow the time machine again to dick around. :P

Herb would do that just to annoy you if you escaped again, Tempus.

Lovely end to the story. Although I do feel kinda sad for Tempus, given what he has to put up with some days.

9/11/2013 c12 IronAmerica
Late review is late.

And... No. Nope. Nope, that is not going to end well. *shakes head* Vince, this was a stupid idea. All I can say. Dropping that on your son after he gets engaged... Nope. Bad idea. (Also, he's lucky Trip didn't throw him off the penthouse's balcony. Very. Lucky.)

Gerry seems to be taking this rather well. Even being mistaken for a girl. *snickers* Hey, it's a good cover, at least. *nods* :D Poor thing was so hoping to be a crimefighting duo with his best friend.

It's actually fairly easy to beat someone with Peter's level of skill. Set him against an absolute novice (or a team). *snickers* The aggravation alone would get to him. Although he's playing against a computer/alleged person, so... *shrugs*

That argument is too funny to keep to *just* the family. Trip needs a copy. For research purposes, of course... *evil grin* At least Vince found someone to take up the mantle who won't exactly fall under suspicion... How many cars has he wrecked? *sighs*

Cute end to the chapter. :D

8/21/2013 c11 203Gotham Siren
Thank you for the bar scene! I really did enjoy the bonding time. :)

Loved the chapter. The last scene with Pete and his family tree was adorable. Not everybody can have such a colorful history in their families.

The talk about the Cape movie made me chuckle. Poor Vince, wanting The Cape to be bisexual. Orwell had some pretty good suggestions, though. Lol.

Lovely work!

8/16/2013 c11 153IronAmerica
So, only five days late...

Heh. Dana's yelling could probably be heard at the other side of the island. *snickers* Poor Vince.

Jamie, calm down dear. You'll do fine. And Rollo's there too, so it'll be okay. And... Yeah, honestly, anything that deprives a caffeine addict of their favorite drugs tends not to end well. :\ Listen to Vince, though. He knows what he's talking about. (Why do I get the feeling that Trip was awful when he was going through the terrible twos?)

Or not, Vince. You never know how those things work out. (Working for ARK could have caused a divorce...)

To be fair, Vince, the LI in the canon comics you borrowed from was also female. And the writers for the movie don't know you or your interests. So... *shrugs* And yes, Orwell is Watching has...stopped watching. No more big brother. (Given that Peter's stopped being such a shit, though, it stands to reason.)

That one will never fail to amuse. Now close your mouth, Vince, you're catching flies.

I know someone who became an uncle when he was two. And yes, thank god it's only a nickname. *shudders* Imagine how much hell poor Trip would have gotten if that *had* been his name...

No, no they're not. (And you're welcome.)

Lovely chapter.

7/29/2013 c10 IronAmerica
So...it's kind of late. :\

You're never going to get an answer for that one. (Although the Lone Ranger *is* technically a superhero, so there's that point.) And be glad that your son isn't getting the jokes just yet. Although at least Peter's apologizing for his part in Vince's version of that story... *looks at Peter*

No Vince. Bad Vince. That's a bad joke to play on Peter.

And of course they wouldn't put Chess in. Aside from the fact that he's not a character in the comics, people have a) forgotten about him, b) are superstitious and don't want his ghost haunting them (so far as *they* know*), or c) don't want him actually showing up. *looks at Chess* I would have thought you knew that.

I will agree with Peter on the tea thing (although at the time, the Americans had a *very* good reason for that one), but still. American fireworks are vastly superior. Although we don't get to light effigies of people on fire for the Fourth...

Of course Peter's the cool parent. Junior doesn't know you're a superhero, Vince.

Because the world hates you, Jack, that's why. *nods* Just be grateful Vince isn't a vindictive little shit or this would be a lot worse. And Vince is never going to let up on that math thing... *snickers*

...Trip is in sociology. Seriously? *sighs* Well, at least Gerry's in something sensible. And he's still funny and manages to surprise Trip. That's always good. Keeps Trip on his toes. *snickers*

I only saw that cameo because I was watching for it and I heard the accent. Otherwise, I wouldn't have seen him. (And besides, he's going to be the main character in a movie coming out sometime in the next year, so there's that. Of course, he's also the villain...)

As for extra chapters, I got nothing. Maybe one-shots set during the story?

No quibbles.

6/13/2013 c9 IronAmerica
This review is surprisingly on time. :P

Vince, don't argue with Trip. He's living with two lawyers. You'll never win. Seriously. Poor guy. And...now Trip's going to rip your spleen out if you don't come clean about this.

Although the revelation about what Peter used to do with his evenings will probably be worse. Heh. Although given how good Peter is with emotional blackmail... But he should listen to Vince, after all. Otherwise he'll end up sleeping on the couch for a few weeks. (Although that didn't work out so well the last time... Hm. *shrugs*)

Peter. Play nice. or Vince will make you sleep on the floor. (And again, Peter manages to make a good number of points that Vince should have thought of. All in favor of passing the law to make vigilantes wear helmets say aye.) Peter's ears are adorable. As long as he doesn't get a hair cut. *nods*

*snickers* Well, Peter had to lose sometime, right? *nods*

Mostly. Lol. :P

Lovely chapter. No quibbles. :)

5/14/2013 c8 IronAmerica
So, finally getting around to reviewing this. Sorry for the wait.

Rollo. you are a moron. Seriously. Just... *sighs* Oy. But at least Jamie isn't going to kill him. And she has a point about adopting. But mostly, Rollo, she just wants to get married. (He's still a bit of an idiot.) Jamie seems less than thrilled with the prospect of her father and fiance meeting. Of course, given who her father *is*, I can understand.

Good for you, Chess. Looks like he *does* have a sense of self-preservation after all... :P

Heart-to-hearts in that family must be incredibly strange... But hey, as long as Deveraux isn't trying to kill anyone and Jamie is able to make jokes about insanity, it's all good.

Rollo is going to regret talking to Max... :P And I'm sure Gaylord wasn't convinced because Jamie's threats of using his real name have basically worn off by now. But at least Raia is happy. :)

I'm sure that both of his parents are delighted to have him, though. Despite the all-nighters they pull. :P *cuddles Pete Jr* and Peter the elder is also adorable. Jamie's ideas are almost as scary as her father's... *shivers*

Although at least the wedding went well. :) And ballet flats are much more comfortable than heels. Plus, the height difference the heels would have given Jamie is just...not of the good, entirely.

Max as an officiant... Well, at least the speech was funny. Nothing exploded. No one died. There was no snake wine present. I think it all worked out. :)

It's okay that you borrowed him. :) He's fun.

Lovely chapter. No quibbles.

3/6/2013 c7 IronAmerica
Seeing this updated is always awesome. Especially when there is snow outside. Stupid snowpocalypse.

Oh Peter. You should have known this was happening at some point. :P But hey, at least you've got advanced (even if it's limited) warning.

And Vince. And his mask. And that conversation. *snickers* That is too cute. Truly. Ah domestic bliss. How beautiful it is. :P

If they don't keep the secrets, of course, Chess can always kill them.

Peter has a point there, Jamie. And so does she. Of course, Peter's point is better. Orwell, if this shows up on your blog, Chess may be paying you a visit. Family or no, he's got a spare right now. So... Yeah. Um. Don't. Please.

Well, at least she's funny on occasion.

And Deveraux's going to hurt someone. Really. But at least he's sweet. Most of the time. Peter... Um. Just so you know. Vince will kill you. Because you pulled that on him. Yeah. So.

Awwwwwwah. It ends on a fluffy note! *flails* It's adorable! *flails madly*

Awww. Poor Portman. If you knew, though... Heh. Well that wouldn't work out too well. :\ So. Yeah.

Lovely chapter, in so many ways. :D

3/6/2013 c7 203Gotham Siren
Nice chapter! The beginning was cute. And I feel for Rebecca in the labor process. At least it only went on for ten hours. Coulda been worse. *shudders*

Pete sounds irresistable! :) Definitely if he has Vince's eyes...

The last scene was sweet, I'll give ya that.

No quibbles. :)

1/23/2013 c6 153IronAmerica
Ahhhhhh, the joy of finishing a paper. This story is a good reward for that, right? :D

Peter would pay well for those photos... :P *snickers* Of course, the tabloids may already have some of those pictures. Bad Jake. No. Put those away. *gives him a thumbs-up behind Vince's back* And of course Hartman would set something on fire. :P

Peter should know not to be surprised around Deveraux anymore. Immortal, magician, claims to be immortal, and has given birth more than once/looks forward to having children? Of course Peter's still surprised. *sighs* And Chess doesn't seem to be the type to like kids, does he?

And boy does my mom have things to say about that... But hey, at least Rebecca and Jamie are getting along, right? You know, *without* killing each other. Yet. Mostly. Thing... And what, might I ask, is wrong with neon colors?

Vince, you have to admit: Peter *does* have a point there... *sighs* I'd personally just go with Ian, or name the kid after one/all of the Jackals. :D Heh. Or not...

Awwwww... :( *hugs Peter and Vince* Poor things. But at least their fight wasn't too serious. (There's no body count attached to this fight.)

And at least they made up in the end. Mushily and adorably.

If they didn't, they need their powers of Google Fu checked.

Lovely chapter. No quibbles.

1/22/2013 c6 203Gotham Siren
O.o Am I gonna get my Ian/Jamie in this? 'Cause that would be spectacular. Relationships come and go, you know. :P

Jamie and Rebecca's scene was hilarious. Poor Orwell, stuck with babysitting. Or is it Immortalsitting? Either way... *snickers*

And poor Vince and Peter. *huggles them* At least they made up by the end of the chapter. *chews nails*

Great chapter, looking forward to more!

1/13/2013 c5 153IronAmerica
*glee; dies of excitement* You have no idea how happy I was to see this in my inbox when I got up! *bounces around the room in excitement*

I find it hard to believe that Jamie isn't awake at five in the morning, although I suppose she could go to sleep at a decent time like normal people when she isn't trying to destroy her father's life... *shrugs* On that note, she's going to slaughter Rollo for a good number of things, including blabbing and waking her up to tell her that Vince is calling.

Oh. He got her coffee. Nevermind. Rollo will continue living for another day... :P And Vince may just die from trying to figure out just where his life went upside down. (Now I want to see what playdates between Elaine and the Pence baby will be like... *snickers*)

Awwww. Poor Vince. Did you not want to see your best buddies in the whole world? *cracks up; dies laughing* I adore the Jackals. They're fun. Vince may have to kill them though...after the drunkeness and the hangover wear off... :P

I love this story. And the Jackals. And all of this. and the feels. *dies* (Also, Hartman's analysis. :D *glee*)

No quibbles, really. :)

1/12/2013 c5 203Gotham Siren
Hey, finally an update!

Glad we dicussed the Jamie/Rollo issue. I feel tons better now! :D

Oh Vince, you can't pass up the Jackals. They will find a way to make yur life a living hell because of it, lol. Nice to see them, of course!

Looking forward to more of this, and to see what Peter and Vince's baby will be. :)

9/28/2012 c4 Gotham Siren
Dana's sister Elaine Middleton, of course! :D (I still need to write that fic, don't I?)

Very cute chapter. Vince is a sweetie towards Rebecca. :) And also to Chess, incidentally. *snickers*

And oh boy, Orwell's gonna kill Rollo when she gets chewed out by Vince for telling that big ol' secret. *shakes head*

Looking forward to more!

9/28/2012 c4 153IronAmerica
Omygodomygodomygod! It's an update! There is nothing tha... Hello, Vinnie, David, and James. *grins* (Okay, so it's only in my imagination, but having a poster with 'em counts, right? ...right? Awwww...)

Thank god for reconciliations. Although seeing what Deveraux would do to Peter would have been kinda funny... But hey, that's what nine months of hormones are for! :D Poor, poor Deveraux though... :( *gives him a hug*

Heh heh heh...Poor Jack. *looks at Trip* And seriously? You had to do that to him while he was driving? (Dear god, does Jack know who Deveraux is?) Lol. Of course Jamie would worship her coffee pot. Computers are second only to the Great Coffee Bean. All hail the Great Coffee Bean! :P

Lol. Dana takes everything so calmly. *snickers* Even having a child. This is why she's badass! Nothing phases her! Elaine is a nice name. :3

Poor Rollo. Although Jamie'd better be careful, or she'll lose him. :\ (If she explained that she was trying to prevent Peter from killing him, that might make Rollo feel a bit better...) Yeah. As if that's going to save either of them from Vince... XD

I would like to place a bet on Ruvi getting hurt badly by the end of the story. Perhaps we can set a pregnant Deveraux on him...? :D

Vince is also unphased by everything. Mayhaps Chess needs to take a leaf out of that one chapter of April Fish just to get a rise out of Vince... *evil laughter*

Awwwwah. Vince is so sweet! *coos at the Vince/Chess kiss; ducks and runs for cover from the vigilante*

Lovely chapter. :)

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