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7/13/2012 c5 NinjaRoll
YES. IchiRuki ftw
haha I think Iggy will REALLY need that spell in the spell book (better cooking) it'll save lives xD
asdfgh I really do wonder how iphones and androids seem to have wifi :T If only everyone can have that!
The Hiatus has been moved up? D: aw... eh my parents confuse me as well :p

yay new Philippines fanfic :D
Good chapter btw xD
7/13/2012 c5 6Crysagi-Chan
BWF: 'Ello! I'm Brittish West Florida, IGGY AND AMERICA'S CHILD :D! Also, i've taken over Cryers' *Yes that's still her nick-name* Account! This chapter was amazing, and awesome, and super, and cool, and funny, and-
S. Florida: I think she gets it.
BWF: I'm only seven! Sheesh! Anyway, continue to write, holy, magnificent, wunderbar, sweet-
S. Florida: Just continue to write -.-'
7/12/2012 c4 maplemintbunnyz
Omg, I missed a day! I feel like a terrible person now :'( Anyways... Um... I'm eating liquorice rite now... This isn't really a review... Yeah... Liquorice is amazing... The red kind, I mean. The black stuff is just gross.

Oh, yeah! Fi-chann! You know the scarf thing you made me? I'm wearing it on my head ;D lol I hav to help w/ more chapters now, don't I? Fufufu... I can think of way too many things to do to the characters... *slightly disturbing smile*

It's raining really hard here (Tennessee) O.o I mean, it was raining before, but it just started POURING!

Lalala... Fail review is a fail!

If you don't know who this is, I'm never making you scones againnnn...
7/10/2012 c1 Barefoot-in-221B
Ugh! I have to review on THIS chapter 'cuz I already reviewed all the other ones, therefore I am 33 minutes late in reviewing. Actually where you are it's not even midnight yet, so I'm not REALLY late, da? Yeah, story's hilarious, lalala, you know I love you _ I'll review anon-style every day after this XD

Peace, love, and liquorice Maple-chann
7/10/2012 c4 Filipino Ako
This is really good! *_* And...it's not Germany's fault Hitler was a bloody wanker!
7/9/2012 c4 Barefoot-in-221B
The AN... at the end.. almost as long as the whole chapter... XoX I'm dyyyyyyyyyiiiiing...

Yes, I realize that you do not HAVE to show me all the chapters... But you're going to end up showing me them. Live with it. We both know a lot of stuff in later chapters is going to be my ideas... Heehee let me PM you some stuff *smiles creepily*

And YES, I KNOW I HAVE TO HELP WITH CHAPTER SIX! Don't be annoying. I'm perfectly aware that it was my idea.

Yeeeeeeeees! Iggyyyyyyyyyyyy! *glomps* Thank you thank you thank you!


*looks at who you made England* *pouts* And there's no POSSIBLE way you could have made him Chris Martin? Really? /is just SLIGHTLY obsessed with Coldplay/

Weeeeeell... since you did make him and America sing TOGETHER... I won't kill you.

Pfffbt XP Japan... such a funny visual... *already knew who you were dressing Japan, America, and N. Italy as*

Hey! I wasn't going to tell them your human name! Have a little more faith in me!

Meh. I don't CARE if you're moving. It's only across town.

You could come live with me and use my WiFi? My mum won't care... ('Cuz I actually care that you don't have that ;D)

O.o long review... again... It should count as like 3 reviews. Or just 1... At least I'M reviewing _

Btw, it's only like midnight this time XD So it's only like 9 where you are... hmmm...

I just decided that I should review EVERY DAY until you get your WiFi back :D Let's see if I really do it... *devious smile* Fufufu you're so fun to annoy

Peace, love and liquorice Maple-chann _
7/9/2012 c4 NinjaRoll
Haha nice job on the chapter! Its fine if meant theyre coming in Chapter 9 _ still cant wait! Kiku as Miku...pricless image I was wondering who he'd come as. And the IchiRuki vrs. Ichihime? Scary shipping wars but still funny! haha Of course, Prussia would come as himself xD
Anyways it sucks to move...But its no rush really, Im sure everyone will patiently wait

again great job!
7/8/2012 c4 The-Always-Angel
Why must you torture my poor Ludwig? Why couldn't he have been that guy that invented the big blimp thing that's name I can't remember?
And if you think a threesome is bad, I have one word for you: FeliLudiLoviGil
7/8/2012 c4 Crysagi-Chan
S. Florida: I liked this chapter. And tell Spain i said thank you for hurting that bastard *Motions to france* When he tried to settle. HAHA! YOU WILL NEVER SETTLE IN FLORIDA AGAIN PERVERTED TOAD!
N. Florida: ? *Is confused*
Me: Err... OH-Kay... Anyway NOOOOO! It sucks to move doesn't it ;A; I've moved 6 times already. The last time it was from Florida to Texas. Now that sucked.
7/4/2012 c3 Barefoot-in-221B
Haha hi again Fi-chann! It's not 4 am this time! It's 2 am! (I dont know what time it is where you are. I don't really care. It's 2 my time!)

Heeheehee! You know you have to keep showing me because I give you awesome ideas! XD

Trolololol awesome awesome story you are so awesome just not as awesome as Prussia because Prussia is the most supremley awesome ever!

You made a rule to ban Iggy from the kitchen? But that'll prevent all the fun explosions!

Rule 7 and Rule 8 contradict each other... 'no physical contact that is deemed inappropriate' but 'keep the moans quiet'? (Just get rid of Rule 7... [Honestly, it's not like France is going to follow that anyways.])

And after that disclaimer at the end this would happen-

America: What moment?

England: Honestly? You git... Couldn't you try to read the atmosphere for once in your life?

America: I still can't find that book...

LONG REVIEW! YES YES YES! And I don't care if it annoyed you! XD

Peace, love, and liquorice Maple-chann
7/2/2012 c3 Guest
Haha Theyll come soon? oh my xD Id love to see the cast's reaction! anyways good job on another chapter! I was laughing through it
Kind of had a fangirlish squeal how Kiku reacted to Maria...THANK GOODNESS ENGLANDS BAND FROM THE KITCHEN!
Amazing job so far,
7/1/2012 c3 Crysagi-Chan
N. Ireland: Hello!
Me: She followed me from my Hetalia OC Room... Along with North and South Florida...
N. Florida: Hello!
S. Florida: Touch my sister and DIE!
Me: O.O Okay... Anyway i lurve your story! Continue! I might make my own wacked up version of kidnapping some characters...
7/1/2012 c3 The-Always-Angel
A costume machine...You can tell I've been reading a lot of FeliLudLovi, because I'm thinking of threesome costumes...
6/26/2012 c2 Barefoot-in-221B
Hiiiiiiiii Fi-chann! It's like 4 am and I'm just reading this now XP Lawl I luv this story Of couse, you already know I'm reading it (and I already know what's gonna happen next)

Peace, hugs, and liqourice- Maple-chann
6/25/2012 c2 NinjaRoll
:D hurray an update

The Laptop is very interesting (all things you can do with it...)

oh and the disco rats, that really caught my eye xD haha great job
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