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for Two faced lovers

2/2/2013 c9 Guest
Reading the whole story was worth it for Kukais freak out. Still, great story, I loved following it.
2/1/2013 c9 ReadAllThings
Oh I'm definitely reviewing.
This story! Oh goodness this story is just... As fabulous as Nagihiko. This chapter was perfect for an ending. It's so great!
As I've told you before, I usually lean towards "Amuto" in the SC series, but this story actually made me want Tadase to take Amu away!
This story was written flawlessly. Very nice done!

I can totally see Kukai as a Yaoi fan and his favorite couple would be none other than his two best friends!
Kukai, you and me bro, we can drown in our feelings together.
2/1/2013 c9 H O L M E Ss
Lol I was in a hurry to put a comments and forgot to loging ON

Once again that was great and i Love your story ...

2/1/2013 c9 Guest
That was GREAT
You did an AMAZING job.

LOL Kukai XD
1/18/2013 c8 1BuBuBoom
Another amazing chapter! Nice! :D

The thing I really liked about this was that you barely gave Rima any dialogue, and you did a fantastic job describing what was going on in her mind. Love it!

I feel bad for her now, but then again... karma is one tough bitch. Rima needs to learn better!

And about Fuyuki calling Rima a slut... Woah! That was harsh.

Yeah, I'm not sure how their seating in Japan is, so it doesn't bother me. Haha.

Favorite line: ["I thought they'd be all abuzz about what happened in the hall, but instead they're all excited about the idea that we're a couple."] LOL! Nagase!

I'm lovin' your fic. You're totally inspiring me to write one, but we'll see... :D
And there's only one chapter left?! NO! :(
Umm... I'm guessing your next story is Nagase/Nadase? LOL. Not sure... Or it might be a different fandom?

Keep writing!
1/15/2013 c8 H O L M E Ss
i think in the end one of them will die heheheh
1/14/2013 c8 yawan5
Wat the fuck man i really hope nagi x rima love at the end. Or they just become friends
1/14/2013 c8 5Twisterheart
Please update quickly XD I love this so much!

I feel bad for Rima, but at the same time I don't. I'm wondering what's going to happen...
1/10/2013 c7 H O L M E Ss
Continued please )))))
12/25/2012 c7 22Yannami
I love the last sentence!

Wait. Let me rephrase that: I LOVELOVELOVE this story as a whole! I'm the type to read romance/ humor (where all the fluffiness is placed) but this story is just...and your writing style is like...

let's just say that incredible would be an understatement.

I'm looking forward to the chapters to come. I'd like to see how my favorite couple's relationship will turn out. And YES! Finally! Now it's Rima coming after Nagi!

Btw, about the part where Nagi slapped Rima...I never thought that that could be possible. That part was so...Rimahiko O_O

And Tadase, you are SUCH an adorable little boy- trying to protect your friend and all! The part with him trying to distract Nagi had me laughing!
12/23/2012 c7 Unknown 3
I love this chappie! Honestly, i was hoping he slapped the bitch sooner or later xD
but, instead of me going on a rant about my favorite couple,i will keep reading till' the end xDD
12/22/2012 c7 yawan5
12/21/2012 c7 1BuBuBoom
Oh, sh*t! Karma's a b*tch!

Dang! ... I don't really know what to say...

Rima deserved that! I really wish your story was the actual anime. :D
And I love this side of Nagihiko! Hahaha!

Favorite line: [Apparently Tadase had declared his undying love for Nagihiko and the two had hugged before leaving so that they could "fuck senselessly" for the rest of the night.] LOL. You never fail to make me laugh. You're awesome! :D

Can't wait for the next chapter! Sorry, this review is not longer than the others. I am left speechless by your awesome writing!
12/21/2012 c7 Guest
12/21/2012 c7 11ElricKeyblade
HOLY MOLY! :OOO MY GOODNESS, what a turn of events!

I...am utterly speechless. Seriously, things have gotten SO messed up! I guess what goes around really DOES come around! Oh SNAP, Rima is totally in a bucketload of trouble now...and so is Nagahiko, and I suppose Fuyuki, and...wow.

Once again a chapter of yours has blown me away. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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