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for These Things Are Not Mine

4/13/2018 c1 52inkandpaperqwerty
excellent story, wonderful concept, all around fantastic!
7/7/2012 c1 13AgentInvaderMinionofDoom
I love Castiel and angst and the two together make for beautiful stories such as this one. There needs to be more stories like this. I feel so sorry for Cas feeling what Jimmy's feeling and you just did an awesome job on this story.
6/20/2012 c1 Casismyfavorite
Very sad but so beautiful.
6/19/2012 c1 18Carole C
This is moving, and so terribly sad, for all concerned. You never cease to amaze me with your writing. The scenes you set up, the details you choose to include all work together to heighten the effect. The effect this time is heartbreak. Nobody comes out a winner in this situation, but there's no other solution either.

Wonderful peek into Castiel's mind- and Jimmy's emotions!
6/19/2012 c1 36Sci F.I. Warper
Aww, poor Cas. And poor Jimmy.
6/19/2012 c1 6SasuIchi4ever
omg Supernatural is a great show. Castiel is my favorte character. I never thought i would find a fanfictio about him THANK YOU!

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