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for Spring Break

10/30/2012 c55 6iluvchipettes123
oh yeah...i forgot about the cars. nice touch!
10/30/2012 c54 iluvchipettes123
dude. i love long chapters. please make more
10/30/2012 c64 Munkedupjoefan
Oh my gosh. Great story. I love it so far. But may I suggest you writing up a new story continuing where you left off? I just feel that 64 chapters is more than enough and you could just continue it on another story. Like Spring Break Part 1 and Spring Break Part 2. Just a suggestion. Do what you feel like. But I think that would be best since this story feels like it's going to be super long. Btw, how many chapters are you planning to put? Because if it is up to 100 chapters then you might want to consider writing a part 2 for this story.
10/30/2012 c52 iluvchipettes123
leave the story the way it is! its awesome and i dare you to make over 100 chapters
10/30/2012 c51 iluvchipettes123
nice touch having the apologies go nowhere. it was kinda funny
10/30/2012 c50 iluvchipettes123
yay! now its offical! so when is Jeanette due again? youve been leaving her out latly
10/30/2012 c49 iluvchipettes123
about the quote: you tell us to point out your mistakes
10/30/2012 c48 iluvchipettes123
nice cliffhanger. it should be in Brittany's point of veiw
10/29/2012 c47 iluvchipettes123
wow. four rounds is alot for them. i hope she gets what she wants
10/29/2012 c46 iluvchipettes123
im glad he agreed at the end. i was getting kinda worried when he said no.
10/29/2012 c45 iluvchipettes123
i cant wait for the next chapter! oh wait, its here...imma go read it now...
10/29/2012 c44 iluvchipettes123
alvin2 really IS like his dad. theyre both trouble makers
10/29/2012 c43 iluvchipettes123
hahaha! the quote was mad funny! thats my new catch phrase!
10/29/2012 c42 iluvchipettes123
that went well. im glad ian is being nice now
10/29/2012 c41 iluvchipettes123
epic chapter
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