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7/31/2017 c43 IChipmunks
What a weird name Alienelle how do you say it
3/30/2017 c1 Spring break 17
Bus-6Z: hey you wargirls, and 62.Z?
cracked it out...
Bus-62.Z: yes half sister?
Warebby: what's up bus 6Z sir.
Wasusan: yeah what is it?
Warpurple-basketball: now what, bus 6Z sir?
Bus-6Z: how i liked false bus sleepover,
isn't that wonderful?
Warebby: it sure was, wasusan warpurple-basketball,
wanna you think.
Warpurple-basketball: yes but i love it, too?
Wasusan: yeah warebby, me too?
Bus-62.Z: umm... 6Z, wargirls,
may i talk with you?
Bus-6Z: what, sister...
can you'll see i watching false tv?
Warebby: maybe later?
Wasusan: yeah, bus 62.Z?
i'm sorry...
Warpurple-basketball: warebby, wasusan, their your business?
Bus-62.Z: oh okay fine, i'm going false room right now?
best spring break vacation ever?
kay, so long?
Wargirls: bye bus 62.Z?
Bus-6Z: very well 62.Z...
Nickey: *sighs* my cousin mickey's house sleepover, isn't that amazing?
nobody, oh well?
no see anymore?
Nickey: huh?
Gus: hi nickey?
Nickey: why hi gus, and why are you here?
Gus: because i like join your cousin, my friend mickey's house with me, please...
Nickey: *sighs* alright, you'll come too stay, you're friend and my cousin mickey's house join with you?
now come in?
Gus: hooray, ohh thank you nickey, (fly-stay-living-room)
why are you watching?
Nickey: (close-door)
who watch, why that's space jam?
Gus: space jam?
i love watch on space jam?
best spring break vacation ever seem, you in me?
Nickey: an i you?
Gus: silly?
ohh come on?
Nickey: no i just kidding?
Gus: ooh i see, thanks i'm joining sleepover?
Nickey: you're welcome?
but be quiet gus?
we're watching on space jam, okay?
Gus: oh, (whipers) sorry?
Nickey: (whipers) good gus...
i'm so proud of you?
Gus: (whipers) why thank you nickey the rabbit?
Nickey: still you're welcome, again?
Spring break 17 pt.2.
Bad-Mickey: oh-no, jakes!
hang on!
Jakes: i'm alive again!
bad mickey mouse, you save me?
Bad-Mickey: no program?
jakes what happened to you?
you're monster mouse?
poor jakes, what have i done?
Jakes: i can't bad mickey mouse?
(crying) stay away for me!
Bad-Mickey: no no no no, don't be afraid...
please it's so okay?
it's not be afraid of you deal?
Jakes: best spring break vacation ever again?
Bad-Mickey: don't about me, you need to rest?
close your eyes, jakes?
you're need deep sleep...
Jakes: (close-my-eyes)
Bad-Mickey: sweet dreams jakes...
best spring break vacation ever too?
Spring break 17 pt.3.
Grayborg: sir?
Platyborg: what grayborg?
Grayborg: look there's sonic!
hey sonic!
Sonic: grayborg, mister platyborg!
Grayborg: best spring break vacation ever never i it?
Sonic: thank you, please come in?
you could sleep beds prices want!
Grayborg: hooray!
thanks of lot sonic?
Sonic: no program enjoy!
Platyborg: cool!
bed you in me, grayborg!
Grayborg: yes it was, sir good night?
Platyborg: good night grayborg?
best spring break vacation me too...
Minnie: ohh girls, fashion girls sleepover ever?
Fanny: thanks minnie?
Ortensia: thanks minnie?
what's going on?
Minnie: what's the matter, sis...
Fanny: yeah ortensia?
Ortensia: umm... nothing?
now get some sleep?
Fanny: okay night ortensia?
Minnie: night ortensia?
Ortensia: good night girls?
Fanny: oh well?
night minnie mouse?
Minnie: night fanny?
this it's best spring break vacation ever seen...?
Fanny: we're me too... minnie mouse?
seen... morning...?
Minnie: i well... *yawns* i so sleepy...
(bus-62-az' )
Bus-62: you know guys?
Az's-floette: yeah bus 62,
what are you think cartoon network?
Cartoon-network: yes me too,
thanks you guys?
now maybe it's time to going bed...?
Az's-floette: but cartoon network i though sleep?
Bus-62: az's floette's right?
at please words your sleepy?
best spring break vacation ever!
Cartoon-network: yay, spring break vacation ever too?
Az's-floette: yeah me too?
good night...?
Cartoon-network: good night?
Bus-62: night?
i grid for sleepover now?
Az's-floette: oh yes?
bus 62?
Cartoon-network: did you mind we're trying gets sleep?
Bus-62 and Az's-floette: we're sorry cartoon network...
Cartoon-network: that's so okay?
Spring break 17 pt.4.
Nightmare-mouse: cousin nightmare rabbitwo?
Nightmare-rabbtwo: what is it?
Nightmare-mouse: there's lighthing
Nightmare-rabbtwo: what we do now?
Nightmare-mouse: hide the cave!
be safe?
Nightmare-rabbtwo: thanks?
Nightmare-mouse: your welcome?
spring break vacation or well?
Nightmare-rabbtwo: okay...
good night?
Nightmare-mouse: night cousin nightmare rabbitwo?
( -klonoa)
Impmon: let's watch movie theater of klonoa game?
Scarf-calumon: yes comfy man?
hewpoe, klonoa, let's watch see movie?
Hewpoe: yes you got it?
Klonoa: i'm right be watchthing?
best spring break vacation i can't wait?
Hewpoe: spring break vacation me too?
Impmon: me three?
Scarf-calumon: me four?
let's take it look?
Hewpoe: right?
good night?
Klonoa: good night?
Scarf-calumon: night hewpoe, night klonoa?
Impmon: sleep tight?
Scarf-calumon: come along impmon man friend?
Impmon: you got it pillow boy?
( . -mlebby)
Ebby: heart island, best spring break vacation ever again?
Purple-bsaketball: yeah?
i know that?
Jessica-computer: well okay i'm getting tired little friend?
Ebby: i know queen jessica computer?
me too?
Purple-bsaketball: yeah so it my?
Moonlight-ebby: we you knocked it off?
Ebby: queen mlebby?
why, best spring break vacation?
Moonlight-ebby: believe me i know?
spring break vacation i like it too?
Purple-basketball-tr-ball: transform me girl?
Purple-bsaketball: ohh transform me ball, best spring break vacation?
Purple-basketball-tr-ball: yeah me too?
Jessica-computer: what are you looking at?
Purple-bsaketball: i was talking transform me ball?
jessica computer?
Jessica-computer: very well?
now good night?
Ebby: night?
Moonlight-ebby: good night?
Purple-basketball-tr-ball: good night...
Purple-bsaketball: good night you girls?
sweet dreams?
Mickey: ozzie?
Oswald: coming brother?
what's that mickey?
Mickey: watch oobi and hey you pikachu and bug's life game, pretty please?
Oswald: oh okay, first some water, than bedtime story movie, and now come to my bed even go to sleep?
never deal?
Mickey: deal?
big brother, your sleep over and spring break vacation ever seened?
Oswald: ohh thank you mick?
Mickey: i'm sure love you?
Oswald: huh, *my-face-on-red-smile*
ohh mickey...
it's nothing...?
liked wow?
yeah i love you too?
come on let's go my house?
Mickey: right, oswald?
wait for me?
1/6/2017 c5 7J.K.Gardner
1/6/2017 c3 J.K.Gardner
pervert is not good
9/18/2016 c34 Guest
Good story bro love it
8/7/2016 c1 amberflame9999
# i love it so much
4/9/2016 c64 Guest
This is shocking because first I never knew Jeanette would do it but she did it,second Jeanette and Simon are my favorites out of the Chipmunks and Chipettes,and third I never knew Jeanette and Simon would have babies and the same with Alvin and Brittany.
3/20/2016 c48 Alexis Higgins
3/20/2016 c47 Alexis Higgins
I thought u said Eleanor doesn't have babies
3/10/2016 c38 Alexis Higgins
So cute
3/10/2016 c37 Alexis Higgins
They sound cutehappy. I am so happy for Alvin and Brittany
3/10/2016 c36 Alexis Higgins
2/14/2016 c66 best
The best story eveeeeeeeer! Pleaaassse make moreeee
8/3/2015 c66 4classof2015
This story you made was amazing. this was my second time reading this. thats how great it was. this is my first time being on here and ive made a chapter of Alvin and the Chipmunks and i havent had one review yet. do you know how i can get reviews or comments for my story? i would be grateful for you help. Please and Thank you!
7/11/2015 c20 Zachary rowan
Nice for all of my favorite stories this is number 1 I've finished and im reading this again and again in my head and I am not going to stop.
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