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6/10/2015 c22 Alvinthechipmunk
* gulps* not good
6/10/2015 c20 Alvinthechipmunk
Well dis is interesting
6/10/2015 c19 Alvinthechipmunk
Great now everyone except britt will hate me
6/10/2015 c18 Alvinthechipmunk
Uh oh* gulps
6/9/2015 c17 Alvinthechipmunk
6/9/2015 c16 Alvinthechipmunk
Are we havin 1, twins, triplets, quads, quins or sixtuplets
6/8/2015 c11 Alvinthechipmunk
Wait shes gonna break up with me?* tail sways
6/8/2015 c10 Alvinthechipmunk
Ewww spare me da details ok
1/29/2015 c66 Guest
Very great, sweet and touching story. Of course it could be better and there was a lot of things that bothered me , but it still an amazing story. Now excuse me , I have to read the next sequel which I'm sure will be as good
1/29/2015 c63 Guest
Another touching chapter, and I'm sure the next will be more, let's prepare the tissues!
1/28/2015 c56 Guest
Again ...this chapter gave me tears of happiness :') you're a great writer , man !
1/28/2015 c51 Guest
Ok ...I love this story so far , no ,...I LOVE this story ! But I really HATE how you make Brittany look like or feel like Alvin's slave, for me it seems immoral and inappropriate, I think the man and his wife must have the same rights (I'm a man by the way ), I know they're chipmunks and all, but still that's bothering me A LOT , but I'm still gonna finish this story anyway
1/27/2015 c37 Guest
This chapter really made me cry of happiness! Tears are on my face right now !
7/13/2014 c60 Guest
Okay well I'm addicted to the chipmunks and now I'm addicted to your chapters lol man even though I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't like sining sensation chipmunks right ? I'm twelve so it counts right ? Even if two of them were sucked in a vacuum floded Dave's house ate Theodore poo and is always having someone saying "clam it sudsii" haha wow I really do need to work on my humer lol ya that probably wasn't funny either was it ? You know what I talk to much I didn't even take the pleaser to say my name , it's Chelsey peters but my freinds say that I act a lot like brittany so just say Britt for short hehe well as much as I would hate to stop tal- oh who am I kiding I never shut up lol I'm like a chiwawa that talks non stop yap yap yap lol well gotta go but I'll review again soon by the way
I'm just as fond of third person as you , third person (fond of being fond of it now!)
Bey ... Um ... Uh ... Sorry never cought your name um well I think I'll just say alvin since you seem simar to him hehehe well bey and BTW third person (just as fond of it) lol ; ) 3
4/30/2014 c32 callie
im a critic somtyms jst ask around,but fr wunce i surpport u NO MORE FLAMERS!
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