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7/20/2018 c47 Guest
Please keep writing! I love this story!
8/24/2017 c47 toolazytologin
Please, don't abandon the story! Update?
12/7/2016 c47 Guest
miss your story, update coming soon?
4/16/2016 c39 Mominator124
So sad. :(

4/11/2016 c37 Mominator124
Well, that was unexpected, that Philippe was the one to buy the farm and not Raoul.

I am rather sorry that Raoul is turning out to be such a dirt bag. At least it promises to add interesting conflict to come.

4/10/2016 c36 Mominator124
Well, that was unexpected. I had figured that Christine would reveal herself to Raoul, who would lose all thoughts of rape and convince his fellow scallywags to do the same. Did NOT consider she might shoot her childhood playmate. O_o

4/10/2016 c35 Mominator124
I do enjoy the banter and teasing, and the girls behaving like teenage girls. :)

4/6/2016 c34 Mominator124
Lol! Loved the scene between Nadir and Minette that Erik quotes to the girls. :D

Very nice proposal, too. Of course, it speaks rather poorly of Mr. Giry that he apparently didn't make her feel as alive as Nadir does. ;D

3/31/2016 c32 Mominator124
What a terrible place to end the chapter! O_o

So, it wasn't Buquet after all. I DID manage to figure out it was Meg when the intruder wanted to know what Erik's mask hid. Way to ruin a friendship though.

So, is the story going to end with a double wedding? (Snicker)

3/31/2016 c31 Mominator124
I'm guessing the unseen shadow is Joseph Buquet (though it would be quite the surprise if it was the Shade.). I can't think of anyone else who might be sneaking around the cellars.

Does no one use lanterns in PotO stories? Shame on Joel Schumacher and Andrew Lloyd Webber for giving fans the impression that Erik lights his underground world only with candles and torches. Makes it seem like the people in the latter part of the 19th century had never heard of whale oil or kerosene. Heck, if I remember correctly, Leroux's Phantom had plumbed into the opera house gas lines to light his home.


3/31/2016 c30 Mominator124
I loved the prank! I could so see Erik and Christine doing something like this. Not a very smart thing to do when both the Giry's know the truth about the Opera Ghost, though. Erik's gonna have some 'splainin' to do to Minette. ;D

3/31/2016 c25 Mominator124
Lol! Okay, you're forgiven. ;) Nadir's embarrassment at Christine's condition and candor was a fair substitute for what I had expected Erik's reaction to be.

I'm glad she is growing up, not only for story advancement, but because her thoughts and conversation no longer seem so out of sync with her physical age.

How strict of a follower of Islam is your Nadir? I would assume relatively casual since he consumes alcohol, which is forbidden.

3/30/2016 c24 Mominator124
I am a little disappointed Erik dealt with this issue so well, just because it would have been more amusing if he had been at least a little flustered. I had fully expected him to make use of Madame Giry when Christine's time came. ;)

3/30/2016 c23 Mominator124
Ayesha! Sounds so cute, even if she is currently scrawny and scraggly.

3/30/2016 c22 Mominator124
I love the idea of Erik being so consumed by his music that he cannot fully turn his attention to little Christine. He makes a wonderful father, even if he IS moody and prone to temper tantrums.

The house sounds quite interesting. I would love to know what the windows are made of that, unlike a one-way mirror, they cannot be seen from the outside. Particularly since one-way mirrors only work as long as they are not lit from behind.

Man, your Erik is amazing. In a mere . . . what was it, seven months? . . . manages to create (and carve!) an exact miniature replica of the opera house down to the tiniest detail, finishes building an actual house (though admittedly, you didn't go into specifics as to how much was left to be done when Christine came into his life, besides furnish it), and spends hours traveling back and forth between house and lair and STILL manages to be home every day to care for Christine. (I don't remember her spending any nights with Minette or Nadir, though my memory isn't as good as it once was.). Even though he sleeps little, he should be dead on his feet (pardon the pun ;D) at the end of every day.

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