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7/22/2013 c36 11emeraldphan
Poor Christine! You were right, this is a bit more mature than previous chapters... And Raoul is far from the irritating but well meaning fop that he usually is - you've given him a nasty side here.. Where's Erik when you need him?! Let's hope Christine is good with that gun; I seem to remember Erik teaching her to defend herself a few chapters ago. And what will happen when (or if) Raoul recognises her?
A brilliant chapter!
7/22/2013 c36 Yvonne
Bravo, Christine shot her would-be rapist! I hope the gun was loaded with minnows (miniature fish) so that he'll be smelling sweet for days. I also hope she shot off his earlobe; that little accessory is something that he doesn't need, but losing it will be a blow to his vanity.
7/22/2013 c36 1Hugabouv
AWESOME! loved it hope to read the outcome very soon :) Cheers :D
7/21/2013 c35 7PrimrosesInTheRain
Stacey I'm so sorry for reviewing so late I completely forgot about reading, I've been so busy writing but it's okay because I'm catching up on reading now!:) This chapter would have to be one of my favorites. Erik and Christine are realizing their...attraction to each other, Minette and Nadir are engaged, and Meg is being her usual hilarious adorable self-what's not to love?
And even better, Erik is finally feeling loved and accepted:) This chapter was great. And of course, I have to add that Meg's little cursing fit, and then saying "fiddle dee dee" sarcastically to Erik? Genius, it was so funny:)
7/11/2013 c35 1Everyonedeserveslove
7/11/2013 c35 12TMara
LOL! So cute how the girls are on Mme. Giry's side, while Erik prudishly wants to defend her honor ;-)
But at least one couple is fine now, while the other one seems more confused than anything about their changed feelings. ;-)
7/11/2013 c35 chlowie
Oh my gosh, so many Christine and Erik moment! We want it to happen!
And Nadir and Madame Giry - eep! Yay!
And also the fact that Erik wasn't wearing his mask - I loved it!
Quick, upload the next chapter now! :)
7/11/2013 c35 11emeraldphan
Great chapter, and I was really happy to see the update! I'm so glad Nadir and Minette have sorted themselves out - they were acting a bit out of character, especially Minette, but I'm glad you've written them a bit differently here. They are always so serious in other versions.
Now it's time for the main couple to get together! The two of them need to realise what they're feeling, but they've been friends for so long that it will be hard at first. Maybe in the next chapter?
And it's lovely that Erik has been accepted without his mask! That was a lovely ending, thank you!
7/10/2013 c35 Brambled13
Yay! Nadir and Minette seem to be getting their ducks in a row. Now if Christine and Erik could only follow their example. I'm dying to see them take the next step. Nice chapter!
7/10/2013 c35 3Viviane Ravenheart
I simply loved this.
Nadir has to be carefull and take good care of Madame Giry or I'll boil him...
Christine and Erik need to get their act together and be a couple... so much tention is not good for blood presure and his madning
7/10/2013 c35 12You Are Love
How funny was Meg through all this? Her anger at the chair, her obvious knowledge that a super couple has been born before her very eyes and of course, giving her mother some grief. LOL

Man, Erik and Christine are falling hard. I only hope they can explore these feelings without a fop distraction.

Loved Erik trying to escape the hug. Seems like there is only one person he will accept affection with freely. He He…

Great job!
7/10/2013 c35 5icanhearthedrums
AWWWW SUCH A CUTE LITTLE SCENE! do i get a bite of your omelet, erik? oh and some of those lovely eggs you made too LMFAO
7/10/2013 c35 Ailovec
I'm happy for Nadir and Minette. Also, go Christine! Her and Erik's brief moments were nice, and I hope Erik realizes those emotions he's feeling are TRUE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Christine.
7/6/2013 c34 Guest
6/29/2013 c34 Guest
Where is your update?
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