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3/30/2016 c21 Mominator124
I must admit, I do like some of your descriptive prose. ". . . the first fingers of light announced the arrival of dawn." Very nice. :)

3/29/2016 c18 Mominator124
I meant to mention earlier that I LOVED the Paris Opera doll house (I want one!) and mini Erik and Christine dolls that Erik created for Christine's Christmas present. Now he needs to add a miniature Madame Giry and a Meg. Perhaps even a mini Nadir. Then Christine could play that they (Minette and Nadir) are kissing each other. ;D

I actually DO have some PotO miniatures. (I'm a lonngg time miniature collector.) I've posted pics on the website DeviantArt(dot com) if you want to take a look. Just enter "mominator" in one of DA's two search windows and some of my photos should come up. (DA is a great source of PotO art, too.)

3/25/2016 c15 Mominator124
I started reading this story be ause the premise sounded interesting. I really liked Erik's logic when he decided he would not drop Christine off to be raised by Madame Giry after all, and I LOVED Christine's tea party and Erik's participation, and Nadir catching him at it.

However, it is obvious that you are not very familiar with seven-year-old children. Christine, with few exceptions, does not think, speak, or act like a child that age. Her reasoning and understanding of advanced vocabulary is well beyond that of a seven-year-old - she converses and thinks (and processes information) on an adult or nearly adult level. I would give her a minimum age of at least fourteen.

If you want to write children realistically, I recommend hanging out at a public library or playground and just observe.

You have also fallen into the trap of many PotO authors - altering reality to the point of disbelief in order for Erik to experience a loving relationship with a person who accepts him without reservation - to the point of justifying whatever his flaws and past crimes might be. It's just not realistic. (Especially for a young child to understand the motivations behind Erik's moods and behavior AND be able to "fix" them.)

Despite its flaws, I intend to continue reading this, at least for a while, because I would like to see what you have in store for the characters, but I cannot say whether or not I will finish what you have posted so far.

12/9/2015 c47 Fifteensweets
Please continue the story, it is a very well written one.
6/16/2015 c47 Guest
I absolutely adore your writing! Its one of the best stories i ve read! I look forward to reading your next chapter ! I also have to tell you that i am really surprised by your number of reviews! Your story deserved at least 900 by now! But please, i have only one complain to your other than that perfect fic ... When are they finally going to KISS?! I cant wait for the most "steamy" and very "hot" part i am sure you will write soon!
6/14/2015 c46 Guest
You are such a fantastic writer! Please update, I love your story and have been following it for over two years, I can't wait to see what the night of Christine's debut brings!
3/17/2015 c47 Guest
Best fanfic ever. KISS ALREADY. But the slow burn is excellent
2/22/2015 c37 Phangirl
Oh my goodness! Chapter 37, love the fop bashing! Xxxx
2/21/2015 c31 Phangirl
I love this! Your amazing! Like seriously, wow. You should be a writer with all your talent, thanks for the incredible story line... I've got to chapter 31 and I'm so far trying to savour it. Can't wait for more! Xxxx
2/21/2015 c47 12TMara
Oh, oh, I see problems ahead, for Raoulie-poo will be in the audience, right? And considering how stupidly our couple is behaving right now, that will complicate their situation even more...
Though the two of them are so head over heels in love, it's almost unbelievable! :-)
2/19/2015 c47 11emeraldphan
This was a beautiful chapter. You describe their special connection so well. Although, I really hope they get together soon as all this chemistry is nearly unbearable! You've developed the other relationships in the story beautifully too - Christine's friendship with Meg and her mother/daughter bond with Madame Giry. Now all she needs to do is tell Erik of her true feelings - easier said than done, I know!
2/19/2015 c47 8PhantomFan01
I think they are finaklly starting to acknowledge their feelings for each other :) Can't wait for more :) Hopefully soon they will confess their love for each other :)
2/18/2015 c47 12You Are Love
Why do I fear she will not be in his arms after this performance?
1/31/2015 c46 2BiancaR
I'll be the one standing in the corner, quietly chanting, "kiss him, kiss him. kiss him" :-) Anyway, what an amazing update. I love how everything is progressing! Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/30/2015 c46 8PhantomFan01
Oh please let them accept their feelings for each other soon :( Can't wait for more :D
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