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1/30/2015 c46 11emeraldphan
Sorry, that "guest" review above was actually mine, I thought I had logged in! Oops...
1/30/2015 c46 Guest
Wonderful chemistry between them! You really know how to build up the romantic tension. I really thought something more was going to happen between them but although they know each other so well they just haven't worked out this little matter yet!
Being best friends is all well and good but they could live together for decades like that, with all that repressed need and longing... Seriously, one of them needs to make a move before too long!
But a great chapter nonetheless, and it's great to see this story again. Thanks for the lovely author's note too.
1/30/2015 c46 12TMara
Methinks somebody needs to beat some sense into these two idiots. They both burn with love and desire, yet neither is about to act on their feelings...
1/30/2015 c46 Melstrife
Oh my heart. This chapter was so sweet at the same time brought me to tears for their pain. What a read!
1/29/2015 c46 12You Are Love
I am so glad to see this story return but ARG! They need to TALK and get everything out. Her feelings and his!

I sense the lair is getting too close for comfort...
10/29/2014 c45 Tj
Thank you for keep the history, I hope you feel better soon, have a lovely time : )
10/28/2014 c45 11emeraldphan
Poor Nadir gets a hard time from Erik but I love their interactions. He knows Erik and Christine so well and at least there is someone in their lives who can talk sense to them in these situations. Erik is just impossible to understand - he loses his temper with Christine even though she forgave him for his actions virtually straight away. But his revenge on Carlotta was funny, and reminded me of the Charles Dance version :) The managers won't be happy though, and neither will Carlotta!

I really hope Erik hasn't ruined things with Christine though, and that Nadir's wise words will get through to him. Thanks for this chapter and welcome back :)
10/27/2014 c45 12TMara
Awwww! That's too cute! She understands and accepts and forgives. Our boy still has a lot to learn before they can truly be together. And have I mentioned that Nadir rocks?
10/27/2014 c45 8PhantomFan01
Oh Erik why do you push everyone away? :( Hopefully he will gain forgiveness from Christine :/ Can't wait for the next chapter :D
10/27/2014 c45 3Viviane Ravenheart
Welcome back! can't wait to know what comes next.
10/26/2014 c45 2BiancaR
Erik, when will you learn?!
10/26/2014 c45 12You Are Love
I suppose I will have to wait for the apology fluff ...

No matter, it will happen soon enough. ;)
9/5/2014 c1 Guest
My heart will be broken if you don't finish this story. It is the best POTO fanfiction I have read. Please don't let this story go unfinished. It is too good to just throw to the side.

7/22/2014 c44 couldn't log in
Update, please? I just noticed that you have been writing this story for almost exactly two years. Meaning that you've been posting a new chapter in average intervals of 17 days, so now I'm waiting for 1,6 chapters ;) By the way, your plot is refreshingly different from the vast majority of E/C stories.
7/18/2014 c44 Skyila
And I am back...no longer just haunting the place (lol). Again..

Moments to myself...pure bliss. I get to sit and review and such in absolute peace.

Oh and...*slaps the fop with the slimy fish again* Yeah...had to do that.

Anyway. Erik needs to wake up dammit...Christine loves him and he needs to see that. They better end up together soon! :o I always say I think Christine is too stupid to not love him, but your Christine is not stupid. Which is a good thing.

And you know I do love your story. :D
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