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for The Phantom and the Moppett

6/30/2014 c44 1Everyonedeserveslove
Poor Christine, you just gotta take charge girl! Get your man! Kiss him to make him open his eyes at last!
6/26/2014 c44 11emeraldphan
This was a lovely chapter and well worth the wait. I like the way you gave us a chapter devoted entirely to Erik and Christine with the two of them simply talking and enjoying each other's company, away from the busyness of the Opera House. It almost feels like the calm before the storm, although I'm really hoping it isn't as I really want them to get together soon! Honestly, the chemistry between them is amazing.
The other thing I noticed was how well written it all was, with some lovely descriptions and phrases. It's not that I haven't noticed before but this chapter just flowed really well, with all the teasing and banter between them.
Great writing, and great insights into how they are both feeling.
6/25/2014 c44 2BiancaR
Blind idiots! Just admit it to each other already! ;)
6/25/2014 c44 12You Are Love
Best Friend? He's the love of her life! Erik, wake up and smell the coffee!
6/25/2014 c44 3Viviane Ravenheart
Welcome back! And with another fluffy chapter... you are totally forgiven.
6/25/2014 c44 12TMara
Yeah, best friends indeed! ;-) But I have a feeling Christine won't be happy once she finds out what Erik has been up to regarding Carlotta... and I think she prefers him to make a full recovery to her getting the part.
6/25/2014 c44 8PhantomFan01
Please be more than friends :( Erik is a lovable stubborn idiot :) Can't wait for the next chapter :D
6/21/2014 c43 Guest
Noooo I was really hoping they were going to dance I was so excited for what was going to happen next :( oh well it was amazing as usual, maybe they will get to dance soon? ;);) pleaaaase update I love this story!
6/6/2014 c43 Victoria
Another wonderful installment to the fic. You really know how to play with my emotions. The disclaimer made me think there would be some serious fluff, and by the end I was chanting with Christine.
5/30/2014 c1 Guest
Please please update! This story is too good for it to be left unfinished.
5/3/2014 c43 Phantom Fan
I swear I am dying of this wait! Please update sooooooon! I love your story!:)
4/26/2014 c43 1Everyonedeserveslove
Darn! I was hoping for a kiss rather than Erik being stabbed :(
ANYWAY, it was lovely as ever!
4/20/2014 c43 2BiancaR
Amazing story, I can honestly not wait until the next chapter. I started reading this story yesterday and fell in love with it. I love how you took the time to lay out the whole story and didn't rush anything, I hate when people rush Christine's feelings for Erik, so thank you for not doing that. Until the next chapter...
4/20/2014 c43 Guest
I NEED MORE! PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE ASAP... many thanks in advance ;-)

4/17/2014 c43 Phantom Fan
I almost refused to read the 43 chapter knowing I'd have to wait for the 44. But I couldn't resist! I love your story soooo much! Love Erik! Your Christine is so perfect for him...I just...oh I get teary eyed. You are such a fantastic creator please update ASAP, ASAP!
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