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2/11/2020 c3 FadedGloryyyChief Sosa
Literally could not take my eyes from the screen, really well written 9.5/10 :)
5/10/2019 c1 Freaked for this
Dude. Dude. I mean girl. I think. I don't know! This is awesome! It's perfect! I only wish this was the real thing! I love how both Mako and Bolin are jealous. It kills me just right. AHHHHHH. I know this is probably years after but for real this is my dream. Ever since the episode I saw him in, I was like- Korra and him have got to get together. Like I will build their ship all on my own. That ship isn't just any boat. It's a whole f*cking cruise. They'd be soo perfect! And the jealousy, oooh the jealousy. Thank you. Why could you not give me more? Is there more?
5/5/2015 c3 Southern watertribe gal
*applauds* okay but seriously, I applaud your work so far, it's a unique ship to begin with (one that I loved, and love even more now that I've read this) and it could possibly be hard to work with at times (I'm writing my own irorra...or korroh, whatever you want to call it, fanfic) and I find it interesting that you chose to write in present-tence third person, usually I don't like reading a story in that format but you managed to pull it off beautifully! The only question I have is: when will the next chapter/sequel come out? Don't leave us hangin'! Lol.
3/27/2015 c3 Jinx craft
11/26/2014 c3 Guest
Update! This was lovely! Well written. Interesting perspectives.
6/11/2014 c3 14SilverIcy
Man, That's a quite rush of exciting actions! I love that way Korra and Iron work together! Please update soon!
3/8/2014 c3 1wolfko
I would love a book 2
12/14/2013 c3 2Lady Natsuka
Good gorgeous, this literally just brought me back into the LoK fandom. I loved how there was interludes between what was actually occurring and Iroh's thoughts/memories. They helped explain bits and bits of Iroh's own personality and lkadfjaslkd. It was just beautiful.

(I especially loved the part where it says "He became the Dragon of the West", walking in the famous footsteps of his great-grand uncle. It just gave me a lot of feels. Seriously.)
12/13/2013 c3 JinWook
I'm not easily impressed by people's actions or things, but this fanfiction left me in awe, I would really appreciate it if you would publish the next chapter immediately, because this is, without doubt, one of the best fanfiction I have read in my entire life, so keep up the great work on this! - Woo Jin Wook
11/25/2013 c3 4Sukigirl17
Of course we'd all ADORE a sequel. This is truly fantastic. I love your style and your vision for all of these characters. I was especially fond of the Lieutenant ended up being Ty Lee's son. That was brilliant!
11/21/2013 c3 Kaze
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE IT. GO KORRAH! That was beautiful! I loved the little things you added that are different from the plotline haha and I'm really excited for the next chapter to come out! Good luck with writing it:)
11/18/2013 c3 LivinLife
Ugh this was just so amazing! I can't even smh
11/11/2013 c3 Weird-Ally-Ilikesuperheroes
11/6/2013 c3 1ShieraH
well... here's one more review I live to read this fanfic
11/5/2013 c1 1july5678
this irorra is amazing, keep writing!
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