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5/29/2013 c16 5C. S. Stars
Awww! They're all married and have kids! Ah, that's sad. :'3 I suppose Keiko, Naota, Kuwabara, Genkai, and Shizuru all died from old age.

Very cool. Congratulations on finally finishing! :)
5/22/2013 c15 C. S. Stars
They did it! But it's sad. :'(
5/16/2013 c14 C. S. Stars
Thank goodness she regained control. I do feel bad for Nobuko though.
5/8/2013 c13 C. S. Stars
Oh. I hope you're okay and that your family is doing well. I was worried there for a while. Glad to 'hear' from you. :)

*jaw drops* wow. I was /not/ expecting that.
1/31/2013 c12 C. S. Stars
*running around freaking out* WAAAAAAAH! T-T
1/2/2013 c11 C. S. Stars
Even Hiei huh? Lol. Why is he gathering energy? :( awesome fight! Kiyoshi! That bastard! :(
12/25/2012 c10 C. S. Stars
Be careful Kazuma. :( way to go! So thus the leader? Shuichi needs a good smack across the head. Oh no! Chu!
12/5/2012 c9 C. S. Stars
Still hating Shuichi right now. He's a fool. :( rofl! Nice hit Naota! XD
11/24/2012 c8 patlegrand3
Oh I love this story. I cant wait til the next chapter comes out. I just hope it dont take to long for it.
Your Friend Patty
11/17/2012 c8 C. S. Stars
Your welcome Hun. :3 a one-shot? Sure! :3

Wha-Shuichi you cowardly idiot! Baka! Chu and Touya are awesome. WHAT!? they got Jin!? T-T *cries* not fair. You go girl! Forget about him!

(I think that someone should come in and be competition for Kurama.)
11/15/2012 c7 C. S. Stars
Eh? Your babys here!? Awwww! I bet he's adorable! X3 congratulations! :3


Oh Shuichi. Yusuke is right fox-boy. :( hi guys! Where's Jin!? :3
8/24/2012 c6 C. S. Stars
Yaay! I bet you son is adorable! X3

Who is the 'fairy'? Whoa. That was amazing. I don't trust Yasu at all. *glares* poor Hikaru.
8/24/2012 c5 12Kaori Minamino
Hi! Found this! Got caught up!

Yasu makes no sense. I think he just enjoys betraying people, and can't pick a side because switching is too fun.

Hikaru needs to go on vacation, poor girl. And I don't mean a long nap in the tactician's fortress.

Kurama totally should have seen through that illusion! He needs to stop letting his emotions get to the better of him! I mean, we all KNOW he loves Naota, but he can't let that cloud his judgement! Unless he's gonna crazy on Yuu, in which case, go Kurama! He tried to steal your loved ones!

Yusuke and Kuwabara just make me smile. They should be Naota's sidekicks in all her missions, mostly because they make awesome sidekicks.

See you next time!

Kaori _
7/19/2012 c5 5C. S. Stars
NO! I shall stay with you till the end! :3 especially if you give updates on you and baby Ace. X3


An illusion? That makes sense. Lol, I bet Hiei enjoyed that. XD oh dear...


I'm not sure what to think of Yasu. I know I hate him but...
7/14/2012 c4 50Death101- Fox Version
I just remembered something. Earlier in the story you said Yusuke has sacred energy. That isn't right. Yusuke is... shoot. You've seen the end of the series right? Then you know what I'm talking about. Yusuke doesn't have sacred energy. He's just strong although there are a lot who are stronger. I think you need to go back and fix that. Anyways, the whole chess thing was interesting but I'm not sure what is wrong with me. This story isn't really holding my attention. It's probably a problem with me since I've forced myself to stick with my resident evil-batman story. I don't really have the patience or interest in these stories I used to so I'm going to stop reading for now. Once I start working on my Yu Yu Hakusho story, I'll come back and get up to date. I will be back. It's just going to take some time.
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