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for Madagascar 4: Circus Showdown!

8/12/2019 c46 Guest
Has mas por favor te lo ruego
12/30/2018 c46 Guest
When will this story be updated will it be updated on fanfiction
12/30/2018 c46 Guest
When will you release the new madag 4 fanfic or did you already release it
12/30/2018 c46 Guest
When will you release the new mad 4 fic
12/30/2018 c46 Guest
When will you release the new Mad 4 fic
1/24/2017 c46 RoxiesTheBae
Please continue on with this story.
9/18/2016 c3 Mcc
The end? This history is awesome, Incredible...
9/9/2016 c46 Guest
I hope you haven't given up on this reboot?
3/12/2016 c46 Guest
Please continue on with this. I know it has been about 2 years since you have done this status update, but I have read this fan fic a long time ago, and I enjoy it.
12/12/2015 c46 Guest
No MelOria proposal? Xxxx
4/2/2015 c24 lexie600
your doing grate, keep it up :)
3/31/2015 c45 your mom
Plz mack more plz plz plz PLZ
3/26/2015 c2 lexie600
you did grate
2/11/2015 c1 your mom
I hop hi a and Alex have cubs in 4 it will be so cool love gia she is so cool
1/25/2015 c1 AOfan4life
(can't remember password) so i was watching Madagascar 3 and re falling in love with it, and when it finished i was thinking "Man i really wish it would continue," Then i'd remembered that i read an amazing story written by someone whose plot fitted so elegantly it's heart warming, so i knew i favored it on my profile, but i couldn't remember my password so i went through all these tedious things to find your story and alas i have found it, so thank you for providing us such a masterpiece


p.s sorry for the ranting/lengthy and not so much of a review, but i felt great story aren't given enough credit, wether you update or not, it's still something i will be willing to re-read
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