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for Madagascar 4: Circus Showdown!

1/24/2015 c46 5Songorita
I love this story it's my favorite mad story. Please update.
11/2/2014 c46 1Alpha Bean
Wow, I'm reviewing really late XD
Anyways, I REALLY enjoyed this story :) I'm sure your next version will be just as good, if not better. Thanks for writing such an awesome fanfic! I can't wait to read the new one :)
10/17/2014 c46 29Funkywatermelon
Sounds fair enough. I'm glad you had fun writing my girls! Do continue to show me what you can do!
10/16/2014 c46 Esmriya
Well whatever ypu choose, your loyal fans will support you all the way! It's great to hear that you're alive xD after being silent for most of the year.

I'm your fan since 2012 and it ain't ending antime soon so do what you do best. And I kinda agree you drag the old story unnecessarily.. Look forward for your 'revised' edition of this story.
10/16/2014 c46 Squeekyfoxcat
FINALLYYY!It's been a LONG time! O
I've missed your storry sooooooooooooooooooo much!
7/15/2014 c45 1AlexXGia
Well alo, i think that if ur drive is gone, then so is the story... just know that even though it was long and slowly updated, it was enticing. I wish u luck in the future with ur stories... i will always be here, waitin to see wat ya got! XD dont sweat it tho. We can all wait however long. Let the drive return or it wont flow right. Thanks for actually telling that ur done for a while. I usually dont have the luxary to see this so thxx. Peace alo
7/11/2014 c1 Guest
I like the plot and characters just trim it down so it is as long as a movie
7/8/2014 c45 SuperShadow515
I'm sad to see it go. This was the best Fanfic I have ever read. Thanks for letting us know. Good luck with the next one. I'll be looking forward to it!
7/4/2014 c45 shahid.alam.7503
u knw wat? i m tired of waiting too...just make us making fools n say "sorry"...go get the hell out of here...u dnt belong here
6/30/2014 c45 73Scruff the Rat
As sad as your decision does make me, I accept it. Even I must agree that this story was going too long, and I've had this happen to one of my stories before as well, so I understand your reasons.

It'd be nice to see a new version of this story someday, but for now, I'm must glad this version got a good run while it could.

Hope to see more from you soon, Scruff the Rat. :)
6/25/2014 c45 MeloriaFan13
Oh well! :-( Third time lucky huh? :-)
Thank you so much for writing this story as long as you did, you have made me realize my love for the MAD ships and I hope you will one day re-write this story...I bet if you do it will be really good!

Again, thank you SO MUCH for this story it has been absolutely AMAZING every single step of the way through, and your fan art is amazing!

Kindest regards,

X M3L0R14F4N 13 X
6/23/2014 c45 BartzKlauzer

6/16/2014 c45 1Alpha Bean
I understand. My own MAD craze is finally fading as well. Thanks for the chapters you've written! I enjoyed them :)
Anyways, your decision is totally understandable. Thanks for telling us :)
6/15/2014 c45 Squeekyfoxcat
This story... By far, is the most AMAZING one that I have ever read. Your decision is understandable and, for some, not enough to get over it.. I think I won't.. But, I wish you the best of luck towards the completion of the next version,.
6/14/2014 c45 29Funkywatermelon
I totally understand... No biggie...

Thanks for letting us know.

You really did being gabby to life and I greatly appreciate that! So thank you.
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