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for Madagascar 4: Circus Showdown!

6/13/2014 c45 5allthingsbright
Frankly, I'm sick of authors discontinuing their stories. I no longer trust anyone on here to finish a story.
3/12/2014 c44 SuperShadow515
I have to say... I was thinking about it earlier, and, this is the best story I have ever read! PERIOD! I get excited when I see a new chapter! I can't say that about anything else. Keep up the awesome work!
3/4/2014 c11 twistedhawk66
Nice... Make this into .text format and I will personally download it for free... Its stuff like this that needs to be an eBook!
3/4/2014 c2 twistedhawk66
I say its by far the greatest fabric that I read! I should make this a commission download for an eBook. I say I like it! I will continue to read it.
3/3/2014 c1 guest
I will make a youtube series of it. All of the chapters. is that all right with you? Im 12 and my youtube channel is TwistedHawk66. If yes or no, I wii make a ebook of it [unofficial] and give credit to you. if no then allright then, ill just make the series. ok?
3/2/2014 c29 Tylothos
going back and rereading this i feel evil i almost wish grace would win :O im weird lol.
2/19/2014 c44 Tylothos
Sorry for being so late :(. High school sucks lol! Anyways thanks for updating and i love the plot twists and how your always changing it up and keeping it interesting! Great chapter and see you next update :)!
2/10/2014 c44 shahid.alam.7503
Thank you for updating...keep it going
2/7/2014 c44 6Ultimateblack
Well I cannot deny that this wasn't nicely done. But I'll still say this: u better finish it soon b4 d REAL Madagascar 4 is released. Keep it up! You have our support :)
2/5/2014 c43 Meloriafan11
Great to know how Safi is holding up every now and again! Also Go Rita!
2/3/2014 c44 4Wolf From The South293
great chapter furratii keep up the good work and also a cool fanfic at that
2/3/2014 c44 73Scruff the Rat
Thanks for the Gabby/Marty moments, especially when Gabby asks about the fossa. Marty's got a heck of a story to tell her. XD

As for your writing...hmm, I think there's a little more dialogue than there needs to be. Like when Gabby told Marty to stop talking. It was hard for me to imagine how she said it. Maybe if you added a little more description...

Oh and be careful about repeating words, like here for instance: "She smiled a sad smiled."

Otherwise, I don't see much else you need to improve on, but I'll let you know if I find anything else out.
2/2/2014 c44 29Funkywatermelon
Awesome as usual!

You are freaking Amazing at romance girl! Sooo cute!

Gotta love the love.

And my gabby girl is still just PERFECT! gah. She and Marty are so darn cute together.

Keep up the GREAT work and I look forward to seeing the next chappie soon!
2/2/2014 c44 Kellene
WOW. That was so amazing I can't even- JUST WOW! Marty and gabby are the cutest thing ever! (Besides Melman and Gloria of course :D)
Um, I would totally give you critiquing if I could, but it's hard to critique perfection! Keep up the good work! Love all of it :)
1/15/2014 c42 MELORIAFAN11
OHMIGOSHOHMIGOSHOHMIGOSH! Thnx so much for updating! You don't have to apoligize for having school, because what happens is as soon as i forget about M4CS i suddenly discover new chapters! Anyway this one is fantastic! Its cool their doing thriller and there's loads of cute bits!
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