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for The Fallen Renegade

11/18/2023 c20 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update soon!

plese continue!
5/28/2023 c20 back2front
lol this zstory baffles me. first u write 20 good chapter managing to stay close to shezzas brilliant style, only to then abandon the story on the Eve of the first task with no explanation. its not like u can claim writers block when your already following sheżza plot. your bio page lists your pet hates in fanfictjonheres another oneauthors who just leave unfinished stories open and no author note to at least say its abandoned. there's a reason why drifters like shezza, robst, Darth marr have millions of viewsthey actually finish whatthey start!
4/20/2023 c20 2jhhdk
and another brilliant story incomplete why does this always happen
Thank you for this story it was a wild ride
2/5/2023 c17 1Mighty Pen 20
I've lost any hope of this ever getting updated but I still give it a read once every couple of years because it is a favorite story. I'll just say that among other things I love the way you portray Dumbledore and his own perspective of view. It is something between awe inspiring and hilarious, if that makes any sense.
1/14/2023 c1 Gerginscy
It is very interesting, but was difficult to read.
If there wasn’t violence, it would not be an interesting story.
1/1/2023 c1 joker200020
please add more
12/16/2022 c1 3IchaichaManager
Si supiera de Fae continuaría esta historia
10/4/2022 c5 1FailedKeikaku
Not really got much idea about Fae stuff.. but i thought they dont like "cold iron" or w/e and that has nothing to do with steel.. maybe i'm wrong but its just niggling in the back of my head (and now i realise this is like 10 years too late..)
9/26/2022 c1 3IchaichaManager
I need moree
6/14/2022 c20 John Ciaccio
Great writing. Impressive world merging. Thanks for taking the time to share this.
6/3/2022 c20 IchaichaManager
Odio ver fanfics muertos
4/29/2022 c20 1Aurelius - Rivensbane
it's been a decade, disappointing
11/9/2021 c20 Urgazhi
Good damn where you left this.

I don't like Benjamin's attitude...
10/20/2021 c20 DarkBan
Hello author! shame you gave up or abandoned the story, but it was shapping to be AMAZING!
I just discovered (as i hadn't been reading any kind of FF) but this one was damn enjoyable :)
What a place to stop too! hahahaha

Still, thanks for the time and effort you put into these 20 chapters, loved them, hope you're having an amazing time :)
7/14/2021 c1 Bostonette
Clearly a supporter of spousal abuse judging by how you found it funny to have Lilly threaten all the males and tell us she always kept her promise. You fucking bastard
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