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for The Pretty Slytherin

4/3 c2 131rebecca-in-blue
This chapter is so heavily dialogue, with no descriptions of the characters or the setting, which makes it hard to picture Ruthie in the HP world. We also never find out anything about her that's recognizable from the show, which makes her feel more like an OC than a crossover character.
4/3 c1 rebecca-in-blue
"Love is complicated," indeed. I liked Harry's conversation with Lavender - such an adolescent mess of jealousies and insecurities. But his thoughts seemed to shift to Ruthie too abruptly towards the end. "wanting Crabbe's girlfriend and plotting to steal her," but he doesn't even know her name?
3/2/2016 c2 spider2016
This is a great story write more of this story please.
10/16/2012 c2 Guest
This is A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.

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