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for Once Upon a Duke

9/18/2015 c4 jadedstar1
LOVE LOVE IT . Looking forward to more when you can!
10/4/2014 c4 1356-2478
I do wish you'd finish this story!
12/26/2012 c1 2ribby77
This is long overdue but here goes: Dialogue and characterisation were the strong points of this fic. The way you threw in little details such as the state of Boss' hair were very creative and worked wonders for the overall story, but there were a few places where the flow stuttered a bit. The very first sentence seems a bit long (and quite intimidating because of it's length, though that might be due to it being 1:35 am). Perhaps breaking it into two sentences would be a good idea. There's also some issue with tenses in the second paragraph: "souls that he had been using to help sustain him have aged to the point that they could"
9/22/2012 c1 27Kaizen Kitty
Actually, you do write like Jane Austen. (Came here from the Writers Anonymous forum topic "Who do you write like".) Or in general, you write in the "old style" (like Thackeray, Austen and others of their time). Literature of that time is well known for its long sentences. Nowadays, popular authors usually write in shorter sentences and are more to the point. Whereas the old style preferred more descriptions and beautiful language, modern writers are much more brief in their descriptions. The bestselling authors of today have to write for a fast-paced audience. They're afraid the readers may get bored by complicated sentences and go watch a movie instead. So the popular writing style has developed into something more action oriented...

Though how you write depends upon your own preferred style and your audience. You don't have to and shouldn't try to imitate the writing style that's currently popular. In creative writing uniqueness stands above uniformity.
7/24/2012 c3 3Enos'sGal
Okay, I'm hooked! I love fantasy and fairy tales, this is going to be a fun story to read! Keep up the great work! I'm curious to see what fairy take characters the others will play, too!
7/24/2012 c3 8WENN9366
This is really cool - I love it! I'm glad you posted about it on the forum because I always forget to check under the cross-overs for new stories. Can't wait to see where you've put everyone else!
7/24/2012 c3 20civilwarrose
This is a very intriguing chapter! So Eva was spurned by a man with magic powers, and he trapped her in a story book as Red Riding Hood, and seeks immortality by trapping living people's souls in books. That is just a cool idea for a fantasy, and I like that you picked Luke to be the one to fight off the wolf monster. I am curious about the other people who had been stuck in the storybook too. Great chapter, very creative!
7/22/2012 c2 Guest
This is really neat! The disappearing in a way reminded me of all those alien abduction shows we grew up with, (it always seemed to be a rural setting, a small town sheriff, etc, lol) but then, on the other hand, it reminded me of a sorcerer-magicky, fantasy type story, and I love those! Poor little Flash, at least she can see her master in whatever world they've zapped into! and it makes for a very different kind of adventure for the Dukes!
7/22/2012 c2 civilwarrose
That was me below. Logged out again. Great story, I must have missed the update so I made sure to check follow. :)
7/6/2012 c2 15DixieDavenport
Aweeeee! Poor Flash, I at least hope she ends up in the book with Rosco. She will be Ok if she knows her Daddy is Ok, but if she ends up in a book alone she will be scared to death!

We got to know how Flash is soon! They boys can take care of themselves and Daisy, but Flash needs her human. Furthermore, Rosco needs his Velvet Ears!
7/2/2012 c2 3Enos'sGal
I am HOOKED! I love sci-fi stuff and this is a great mix! Can't wait to see where this goes!
6/26/2012 c1 20civilwarrose
I like this idea a lot JadedPhoenix- but it isn't going to continue on? I want to know where Rosco went!
6/25/2012 c1 15DixieDavenport
Great start! Surprised that Boss Hogg listened! Did ya really expect Rosco to not open the book! He HAD to open it. I feel for poor Flash and hope she don't open that book with her paw! At least maybe she is smart enouh to be leary of it afte seeing Rosco disappear!

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