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for This Hole In My Chest

5/5/2013 c1 2lil night raven
i think maybe u should do maybe a sequel or add a chapter showing everyone's reaction to Phil being alive
7/12/2012 c1 108Sexy.Lil.Emo
shit! your gonna make me start shipping them soon if you dont stop, i guess thats fair if you start shipping bruce/tony cauz of me lol
that was awesome!
*crys for clint*
im glad phil came back, stupid fury grrr -_-
anyway, i realli liked it ]
7/7/2012 c1 9Silver Mirror
Okay, how did I miss this story? I have no idea but I'm glad I found it! Also love the happy ending!
6/26/2012 c1 1Waiting On A Knight
Aww. :D That was actually rather cute. I enjoyed it. I'm totally for your AU idea. It sounds really interesting and I'd love to read it!

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