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11/15/2012 c2 11CaptainCaboose
I'm not even going to say how much this chapter applies to me. (Yes this is your cousin :) ) and I felt like I had to contribute to this wonderful story with 40 reviews and now 41. Just to make your day better. :) Cause this certainly did and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. So thanks, jojoberry. :)
10/13/2012 c12 eld mcm
Ouch... poor Vic! It was nice to see her ranting about what dance actually means to her (I KNEW IT! She HAD to have at least a little bit of ego!) In my opinion, you should have added also how dance was a way to express her true feelings, adding a little shyness to her character (I should know about that, I'm the shyest artist in the book) but, all in all, it was good.

Sorry, I already have a Tugger in class, I DEFINETLY don't need another one. I INSIST.
10/10/2012 c12 3Cocobutterrox
Aww :( I feel so bad for her, and you portrayed her emotions perfectly! I kinda know how she feels :/ Over the summer I pulled my hamstring and wasn't able to dance (or tumble :p) for over three months. It's nice that we can relate :) hehe.
Although I will say that I do not really like Victoria here xD I love how you wrote/described/developed her character, but her attitude is bugging me XD She needs to move on or at least TRY to keep dancing! SHEESH! XD
...My mini-rant is over ;) And I wasn't insulting your writing or anything...I do like to see how people write out their versions of Victoria :D :D So I love this :D :D :D hehehe.

Can't wait for more of your wonderful chapters! :) :)
9/28/2012 c11 3Meow Miss K
Sorry for not reviewing for quite a while... but the mid-term exam has just ended! ...about 18 hours ago! :P So I guess I can start reviewing again!

Did you know that I've always wanted you to write a Misto chapter? And I just have to tell you that I loved this chapter! I believe that Misto is a very nice cat(maybe... a kitten?) and he'll do nothing that will cause harm to the tribe. I also know that when he gets older, he'll get control of his magic power perfectly! :D

But I guess he sometimes gets... maybe depressed by his magic because others fear that he'll turn out just like Macavity... I understand them but Misto... no, he'll never do that. :( Misto looks very cute and collected outside. But maybe inside of his heart, he is sometimes loney, I think. Poor Misty.

GO MISTO GO! I'M ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE!/(Misto)'go away...'

Awesome chapter, Please update soon with another Jellicle! :D
9/27/2012 c11 2Jemidancer2011
OMG! I LOVE this story! Your writing is amazing and very poetic! Especially Electra's piece...gorgeous! I absolutely adore Jemima's section as well. She is my favorite character and I am a deaf studies major in college and am taking a deaf culture and sign language courses right now and we are discussing the challenges and discrimination that deaf people face so this chapter was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! lol! Again, great job and cant wait for the next chapter! Unfortunately I have no ideas to offer you though,,,
9/25/2012 c11 eld mcm
Yeah, my favourite cat at last!(well, next to Deme...) Of COURSE I'm listening!
Ah, distrust, that bitc-oops! sorry!
Ok, now why am I comparing him to Mozart!? O_o Eh... whatever.*Cheers*

l really think you should keep Old Deuteronomy for last: his last thoughts before ascending to the Heaviside Layer would certainly make a good finale!
Ehm... how about doing Exotica next? I usually think she's a traveler that settled in the junkyard for a month or so, but I'd like to see your version of her story.
9/23/2012 c11 3Cocobutterrox
Thanks for the mention! :)
Aw! Poor Misto :( I bet he wishes he could be that fun, carefree lil kitten again...
Aww! That was amazing! GAAAAAASP YOU MUST DO A PLATO! :D :D At some point! ;D
Another brilliant chapter! I hope you update soon! :) :)
8/28/2012 c10 eld mcm
Wow, Jellylorum would really need a good dose of empathy...

Asparagus Jr. is her son!? Cool twist! I wonder if he will ever discover that... *hint*

Again, poor Gus :'( On a side note, am I the only one who sees some kind of irony in the last paragraph?

Ohhh, I can't wait for the humor! :D
8/27/2012 c10 Cocobutterrox
Yay quick update :) And thanks for the mention ;)

XD Okay...I don't know if this is cruel or not...but I seriously burst out laughing at the first sentence. It's just that I would have never expected Jelly to think that way! And I love it!

...Wow...Now I'm no longer laughing. I do think Jelly has a point there...I thought Gus should go up to the Heaviside Layer too :(

Omec waiiiit..."If I were her I would probably kill myself." Whoa. That's pretty interesting, because in the end, the Jellicles DID have her die...Sorry that's just what ran through my head xD I'm not making much sense now, am I? ...Ah well...moving on...

Oh my gosh that was an amazing final sentence. I can really feel Jelly's pain and rage :( In other words, great job!

Okay...I would give you some ideas for characters to do...but I think I already listed them all...I have this really weird idea...really weird...where...agh no it's really weird. I was thinking about writing a fic about it but then I was like "No way I can pull that off"...Okay so the idea was that Victoria used to be a terrible dancer xD xD Weird right? ...Yeah...I thought I was just...throw that out there...yep. If you want you can use it ;D haha. Something about her once being the worst dancer in the tribe and is now probably the greatest. Sorry I'm so bad at ideas x( Just thought I'd share that. Anyway, I can't wait for more ;)
8/27/2012 c8 16Kawaii Katana
This was pretty good. :) Now, what age is Tumble here? He seems to be just a little kitten, I think.

I'm just curious because some of the word usage here is that of a kitten, but some random words of an older kitten trickle in, like constellations or protest. This was really endearing and sad. I hope he gets that day. Good job!

I have a few suggestions for Victoria and Mistoffelees (My favourite pair and favourite two felines ;)).

What if everyone thinks Victoria is so perfect, but she is so tired of having to be that way? She wants to be able to play and hang-out with her friends and have no one jealous of her or afraid they aren't perfect enough to be her friend.

Or, what if she breaks her leg and can never dance again?

Or, what if she is worried she will never find a mate?

And for Mistoffelees...

What if he is having issues asking out a queen that he really likes? But he is so shy and aloof and also afraid of rejection?

What if he falls in love with his best friend, but he thinks that is so weird and shouldn't be possible? What if he realizes there is more than one way to love someone?

What if he is having problems with some cats doubting his performing capabilities? What if he looses his confidence?

If you would like more, I have a slew! Just let me know... ;D
8/27/2012 c9 1Pink Schmetterling
Oh no, my review for chapter 8 isn't showing up. I shall go back and review it again! BUT FIRST...
Gah, another amazing chapter. The idea of Jemima having lived another life before really makes a lot of sense and brings depth to the character. Aww, this chapter was so sweetly sad...and I loved the connection she had with Gus. The last line was really beautiful, too. :) Great take on the character of Jemima, it seemed to me like she would be kind of difficult to write a monologue for because she's so strangely wise beyond her years, but you did it flawlessly. Awesome job!
8/25/2012 c9 3Cocobutterrox
:D :D Thanks for the mention ;)

Oh. My. Everlasting. Cat.
That was soooo beautiful! I especially love how in the end you wrote "In loving memory of Gus The Theater Cat"! It was so touching! :)

I am loving the chapters! I would love to see another chapter with some humor, though, like the first one :D Of course, you don't have to do it! I love all your ideas and chapters, but right now all these stories make me so emotional that I feel like if I read another sad/deep one I'm going to break down xD haha. It's just a suggestion, of course, and I totally understand if you don't want to do it ;) It is your story, so you can do whatever you want with it, and I will keep reading! :) :)

Another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one! :D
8/25/2012 c9 eld mcm
Wow, Jemima had lived another life? That's the best reason I've ever read for why she is that wise! I also really loved her past friendship with Gus as her motive for staring at the moon. Another absolutely brilliant chapter!
8/24/2012 c8 Guest
awwwwwwww poor tumble...my parents fought until they got divorced, so this is very relatable! great chapter! Update soon!
8/21/2012 c8 eld mcm
Awww, little Tumblebrutus sure has a lot of fantasy! I hope he will have a happy day! (I still wonder who are his parents but this doesn't count) Good job!
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