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7/21/2012 c2 3Cocobutterrox
Oooh! A side of Bombalurina I haven't seen before! I like it!
That sounded kinda creepy...agh, just ignore what I said, then xD
LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! I'm definitely looking at Bomba in a new perspective, now! On to the next chapter :D
7/21/2012 c4 3Meow Miss K
Just like I expected, wonderful chapter for my beloved Munkustrap!

Yes, I think everyone deserves some excitement in his life(just like Tugger!). But I'm feeling a bit sorry for the tribe protector that he has to endure boredom to protect the tribe. He is making a soft of sacrifice... for the safety of his tribe. I think that's the important point to understand character. He can do it, but others can't. Because its so hard and sometimes requires personal sacrifices... But I have to tell you that's why I love him! :D

Yeah... Demeter. Munkustrap has a lovely mate and good friends. But he can't spend some time together with them because of all the things he has to do outside! Other fanficts often put this fact(?) in them, but I think yours are best! :) I'm glad to see his inside thoughts.

It's soooo touching! Munkustrap's ending words! He has no choice... But he is kind of willing to continue his tired, boring life... I like it. So much!

Another great chapter! Thanks for writing about Munkustrap... and by the way, sorry for not giving you some sources... but when you send me a reply it was nighttime in here. :(

Please update soon with a new chapter! And by the way, I hope you have a good time in 'non-internet space'... haha just joking. Good luck! :D
7/21/2012 c4 eld mcm
Wow, these chaps seem so realistic! Well done!
7/20/2012 c2 Guest
Yeah! First one to review! :D

I'm glad you fixed the problem. And I can see that my long wait for the update didn't disappoint me! What a great chapter!

I've never thought that cats around the Junkyard were stressing Bomba out... but when I read your new chapter I felt very sorry for her. I can totally understand her. What she wants is sometimes ignored by the others because they expect her to do other things... Poor Bombalurina. :(

'So now its time to introduce the world to the real Bombalurina' at this, I became so emotional. Yes, she can be who she wants to be! And so can YOU, Jojo!

Ohh... she's scary. GET THE HELL OUT? I CAN'T! BECAUSE BOMBA YOU'RE SOOOO AWESOME! Haha just joking... I'm talking nonsence now. :P

Please, PLEASE write a new chapter ASAP! 'Cause I simply can't wait for the Jellicles to reveal themselves! And... can I ask you to write a Munkustrap chapter next time? I want to see your Munkus. :D

Have a nice weekend! :)
7/20/2012 c1 3Cocobutterrox
Really funny! I love your style of writing! Keep up the great work :)
7/1/2012 c1 3Meow Miss K
Ahhhhh... I love this. BUT! I am enraged because while reading your story, I burnt my toast 'cause IT WAS JUST SOOOO FUNNY! I completely lost my track of time because of no other than YOU! haha just joking :D I loved your writing style.

Demeter's monologue... very well-written. You described her feelings well. Is there going to be another chapter? I hope so! Can't wait for more! :D
6/26/2012 c1 eld mcm
"Bomba...Bomba? Wake up!" LOL! Did she say all that in a single conversation!
6/25/2012 c1 meredith
If you're going to review yourself, next time remember to log out first. Just fyi.
6/25/2012 c1 sinmuffin
Ay Jojo, what's up chica? ;D

While I have never seen a production of Cats in my entire existence, I believe this is the most flawless piece of literature I have ever read. I am literally crying right now. My worth is horridly miniscule in comparison to this godly layer of words upon my screen. I worship you. You are my queen. With that being said, I look forward to your upcoming stories.

6/25/2012 c1 PresidentMay
lol! So cute i love it haha:D add more soon plz! Review mine, its called Grizabella's rebirth and its listed right under ur story.
6/25/2012 c1 11jojoberry
This is awesome you are a beautiful writer! I can't wait to read more of this art
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