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5/29/2019 c19 5DgirlLuna
I know it's been years, but this fanfic is great! I would love to read more if you're in a position to create and post!
1/17/2019 c19 Haru Maru Stark Salvatore
I spent some time looking for this story, it is excellent and I have pity that I am incomplete, five years have passed without updating and for the moment I enjoy until chapter 19, an incredible story with a lot of potential, thanks for sharing it, it's a shame that you did not finish it. But I hope someday you back and finished :-)
3/20/2017 c19 cathyfaires
Please write more I want know what happened to him and his friends to find him and cure?
7/5/2014 c19 2Loyal Khondor
Its a shame that a well written work like this hasnt gotten the attention it deserves. anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next, bloody cliffhangers...
5/8/2014 c19 24sheppardlover928
Good to see an update! Still hard to accept that John is now rogue. It's sad...John shouldn't have to go through this alone! And damn his luck..he walked right into Kolya's trap! Surprised there was no appearance by Kolya though...feeding off Kolya would be such sweet revenge! John's struggle with survival now is very interesting...one question...it seems like his appearance is totally normal except his feeding hand? It didn't seem like the Genii soldiers noticed anything different..
Glad John has found a place to stay for awhile...these cat-cow things will satiate his a wraith hunger. Has are his friends in Atlantis dealing with his leaving?
5/3/2014 c19 Vadercat
Riveting story. You need to flash back to the gang in Atlantis, they must be reeling as to why John left. His letters don't state why. Do you think they will think to empty out his golf bag to find the missing files from Elizabeth's computer? Carson wouldn't know why...this Carson was a clone and the 1st Carson is dead. They can't backtrack what is wrong until they figure out why he ran in the first place. How are you going to solve this dilemma? Obviously a lot has gone on since the incident with the machine. Will they look to Todd for answers and would he give any? He only holds any allegiance he has with Sheppard so if John is gone, will he even try to help the Lanteans? Can, if you resolve what has happened to John logically, you have Carson solve what is wrong with John enough that he can get past the need to feed on humans/animals? Remember he said John was altered genetically at DNA level, would putting him back to the machine that caused the error, assuming Rodney can fix it, allow the mistakes be fixed? I am really looking forward to the next few chapters.
5/3/2014 c19 1AllieDotes
Yay! John has hope again! Thanks for updating; I can't wait to read the next part of the story.
Oh, and quick question: Is John still obsessively trimming his nails so they don't grow into claws, or has he let that go now that he's run away?
5/3/2014 c19 BlueTdragon
Another awesome chapter. Glad he won't be forced to constantly drain humans. Keep up the good work.
5/3/2014 c19 JACarter
More please
4/27/2014 c18 Guest
Yah, I agree with "sheppardlover928". It really is sad that John doesn't trust his friends to help him - or that, at the beginning, he decided to lie to them and that he ended up deciding that he never could tell them the truth... :(

So, this is a story that really is worth finishing; and I encourage you to keep at it!
Even if it takes awhile to produce a chapter that is of excellent quality. :)
3/18/2014 c18 24sheppardlover928
So he really is gone from Atlantis! Not exactly the way he planned...now he has no supplies. It's incredibly sad that John doesn't trust his friends to help him. I'm betting they don't give up on him though..hopefully they will keep searching!
3/17/2014 c18 Loveoflife
man im just shaking with exitement. this is damn exiting and addicting and im already freakin impatien for the next chapter :p
3/15/2014 c17 Guest
So are you going to finish the story? You wrote out letters, but you haven't executed the ending yet.
2/22/2014 c17 Guest
More please
2/20/2014 c17 Guest
Oh, and also, I commend the ethics you have shown for John in the story. I still haven't read all of this chapter yet, only the beginning - :D -blushes slightly- - but so far they are excellent.
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