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for It's Not Gentle Anymore

4/19/2017 c2 Jason
I can see also the girls reliezing that they were tricked into believing the rumors about junichi and try to beg his forgiveness and to take them back but by then he would have sadly moved on from them and or locks himself away from them because he no longer trusts them and believes he was right to not fall in love.
4/19/2017 c2 Jason
I will read more when new chapters come out I want see whats going to happen.
12/11/2016 c2 Kishin.Instinct
I really enjoyed this, its a shame its been four years since the story was updated. But anyways peace!
5/24/2015 c2 HoneyBakedHam
This is amazing, not gonna lie. Been three years since, so I'm sad that nothing else has been done.
8/24/2014 c2 1Ryujin Kami
Awsome as hell, I like the manga and the anime there needs to be more fanfics. Oh and by the way i like Morishima and Ayatsuji the most
8/12/2013 c2 Allus Ilvaldi
Good story. Although I'm sort of wondering when you'd update.
10/11/2012 c2 2Lancelot-Albion
Damn... That was brutal, it must hurt pretty bad if even your own family wont believe you. Anyways gl with this fic, hope you up this soon.
8/15/2012 c2 22Tensa-Zangetsu102
Please update sooner next time! I'd like to see what happens next!
8/9/2012 c2 2LardBucket
Wow! Great chapter! Please keep updating, I love your style haha
8/9/2012 c2 1hedgehogsandwich
Just discovered this fic! Fantastic stuff you have here :)
8/2/2012 c1 2LardBucket
This is incredibly well written! Please continue :D
7/13/2012 c1 1Izanagi00
Great job, you got me intigued now. But even Miya won't believe her nii-nii? Poor Junichi. Btw, I'm also hoping 'Kirino' would resume work on his/her amagami fic. That one was awesome too

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