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11/22/2013 c1 Guest
Ignore this jackass. Your stories are great!
10/31/2013 c1 Anti Vorlon Anti Shadow 101
What a pile of crap. Glad your other stories have been Marke as complete as they all belong in the bin
10/9/2013 c29 5LADYMALLARD
This has been a terrific ride with lots of action, trials and tribulations. I'm glad it has a great ending where all is returned to normal and even if they were warned about the impending danger facing them, it seems Chekov and Terrell go thru a little hiccup and forget what they've been told, so the space time continuum remains relatively unaltered, betcha Q had a hand in that...as well as reversing the destruction perpetrated by Piotr and his crew after Chekov's brother and his crew have gone back to their own time and space. Great story...I eagerly await the next adventure...till next time.
10/1/2013 c29 1stormguard
What a nice way to end this great storey.
9/18/2013 c28 stormguard
Amazing update Susan I'm glad the Intendent is dead couldn't have happened to a better person
9/9/2013 c28 5LADYMALLARD
This has been a very intriguing exciting chapter with Piotr having his revenge on the evil Kira and with Pavel and his brother parting company as our Chekov and his crew return to the proper universe. I understand the logic behind Sisko being forbidden to tell Captain Terrell and Pavel about what awaits them at the hands of their mortal enemy Khan, but I would find it very tempting to try to save a life despite the consequences. It"s good that Q was able to seal off the the rift between the universes...I can't wait to see what will happen when the Reliant and it's crew arrive home...till next time.
8/16/2013 c27 LADYMALLARD
First I'm sorry it's taken me this long, to read and review this chapter, computer problems have been plaguing me off and on lately, now to my review...It's awful that the evil Kira has had her vengeance on the humans on the station for the killing of her body double, at least the Q Quinn, is able to safe guard both ships that Pavel and his brother command. And she won't be able to assert her revenge on ether ship, I hope...Good thing that Chief Engineer Masters was able to capture Rasmussen without a fight, after he found that the time pod was gone, he was smart enough to surrender. What will happen next? Now that they know Kira is still among the living, will Piotr want to try to kill her again when he finds out about the slaughter of the humans on the station? Will Kira try to go after the ships? I'll be on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter to arrive to find out...till next time.
8/11/2013 c1 1stormguard
8/11/2013 c27 stormguard
Well done Susan another great chapter.
8/9/2013 c27 2auroraTerra
I LOVE THE INTENDANT! Sorry, I find her hilarious no matter what situation she's in. Great chapter! Sorry I've been vacant lately, but I've been keeping in touch with this story, and I look forward to the next chapter!
7/11/2013 c26 1stormguard
Yet another good chapter keep them coming Susan
7/7/2013 c26 5LADYMALLARD
Wow, Unknown to Pavel's brother their Kira is still alive and will be spoiling for revenge I bet, when she finds out who tried to eliminate her...what will happen after Piotr's ship returns from escorting Pavel's ship out of the alternate universe? Will the M6 come in handy in defending Piotr and his crew from Intendant Kira? I will be on pins and needles awaiting the next chapter of this exciting and intriguing story to find out what will happen...till next time.
7/7/2013 c25 1stormguard
Another well written chapter hope to see more whenyou can
6/27/2013 c25 6WhoStarLocked
Wow. A lot happened in that! I really want to know now, are they going to have more problems getting back?! Can't wait1 Please keep it up! xx
6/26/2013 c25 5LADYMALLARD
This was another excellent chapter with all going as planed for the good guys, Roberta's rescue, the recovery of the time pod and the capture of her abductor. What perfect distraction Pavel concocted using a recipe for beet soup in place of the real information, Genius! I wonder, after his rescue from the planet trap, what Piotr's reaction will be to learning that Sulu and Smiley are still among the living? I can't wait for the next chapter to find out what will happen...till next time.
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