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for How do you know if you're a Sherlock BBC fan?

9/9/2013 c1 5TheChristmasSerialMurders
Awesome, Im a Sherloock aholic and massively proud of it. I also ask how I can stalk deer with a hat and call it a death frisbee ( my deer stalker that is ) :)
1/3/2013 c1 Po
Yes. Awkward. VERY awkward. Ive got a deerstalker on a model skull. To cover up the hinges. And Ive painted the skull to a more human bone-y colour. And he is called Yorick.
8/9/2012 c1 13BMRH
I may not have SHERlocked as my mobile password but instead I have 221B! ;) Now I'm watching the London Olympics on TV and all I can think about is "I've seen that building in 'Sherlock' (May add that that was the first thought in my mind when I saw Buckingham Palace XD)! I've seen such a cab in 'Sherlock'! OMG, the book in that store is the one with who Sherlock solved The Blind Banker case!". Also I want to add that I want to go to London next summer just to look at the places where they are filming the show! :P
So yes, I (and everybody else in my environment) consider myself obsessed and Sherlocked, though while reading this I realise that there are people out there WAY more obsessed than me! :P
6/29/2012 c1 1895
HAHA! I think that I obviously can't deny 'Your new favorite number is 1895.', and not gonna lie about my phone code either...thanks for a great laugh!
6/27/2012 c1 GR
6/27/2012 c1 Jenna Yemowa
Well after reading this I have realized how obsessed I am... Wow.
6/27/2012 c1 1fangirling-intensifies
6/27/2012 c1 11obsessionisawonderfulthing
Oh dear god I nodded at all of these. Laughing way harder than I should right now. I'm going to go to my geek-Sherlock-Avengers-Doctor Who shrine (Yes, shrine.) And think of how far my social life has fallen. XD

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