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9/19/2012 c17 Guest
I give up! I can't read this story anymore! An advice: no sequel. Lets face it, you can't write so don't waste your time with false hopes. It's so unrealistic (who wake up from coma and stand up in 2 minutes?); there's no suspense ( oh my god! Is Clint gonna be ok? Please let him die in peace, the story will end up sooner. Oh shit, no such luck, he survived, what a surprising surprise!). Lets go on: the chapters are way too short (my son do better than you and he is only ten). You used some clich├ęs from the movie: barton with a bow? Easy but no interest in your story. There's so much to say about him and you choose only this? And Banner is a big green monster? Well that's something new! you know what: it's not because you use the characters from a specific movie in your story that it is worthy of belonging to its fandom. I used to like reading fanfics about avengers; now I don't know anymore. No thanks.
7/28/2012 c31 3sasodei-iz-awesome
Oh man, I thought you were just going to END the story. I was going to be very, very upset. Anyways, so excited for the sequel! Clint/Coulson is a pairing I'm in love with and I can't wait for the Avengers fandom to grow exponentially. This story was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better AU.

Peace, love, and all that shit...
7/26/2012 c31 9Silver Mirror
I do remember you telling me that you were thinking this story would most likely be about thirty chapters and you weren't kidding! So just wanted to say, I really enjoyed reading Silver Leather, and I still think of cowboy Clint every time I read the title! hmmm, maybe you should call the sequel Silver Chaps. And speaking of sequel... whooooo! Sequel! Totally can't wait for that! So I'll try and keep my eye open for it when I can but with my sister's wedding quickly approaching I might not have time to stalk... I mean look for your new story in the next few weeks. But I'm really looking forward to read it! Happy writing!
7/25/2012 c30 26applecoral
I can't believe I didn't discover this sooner! Amazing story!

Are Steve/Tony the only side-ships? Or will there be more?
7/25/2012 c30 9Silver Mirror
I hope your leg is feeling better today!

So I was very happy to read this chapter, now that you have these two together again nothing can get in the way of their happiness, except maybe Phil's mom if she had her way!
7/25/2012 c30 9Steph5756
These last few chapter were great! I've been super busy... being lazy, and I never really got myself to read until today. Great job. :)
7/24/2012 c29 anoncommentfairy
You didn't take my advice. Sad. Seriously dialogue tags, they exist, they are useful, use them! All it takes is like two extra words and the conversations become 100% easier to understand.
7/24/2012 c29 1Waiting On A Knight
(I'm back! :D)

I. Love. You.

This chapter is simply amazing.

I mean, you have BAMF!Phil and then Clint's all 'screw you.' It's amazing! :D

Is you letting Bucky go you paving the way for a sequel? You *are* making a sequel, right?

I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
7/24/2012 c29 9Silver Mirror
Oh my god! Come here! I simply must hug you! *hugs* So it's just shortly after 6 in the morning for me and I was suprised to see your updated so instead of going on my morning run (on a nasty fall looking morning) I enjoyed a cup of coffee and this chapter! Oh this chapter! I wanted to get up and cheer for Phil finally standing up to his mother! I hate to say this and I know my mom would cuff me in the back of the head for this but mothers don't always know whats best for their children and in this case Phil's mother needs to be careful or she could lose her son forever. "Clint, it will always be Clint." I sighed at that line, it's just so lovely!

Clint's fit had me blinking and going huh, Clint and I both have fits that included an insane amount of cursing and we both amuse the person who gets to witness said fit. lol Too awesome! Also second fav line "I have a prince to go catch up with."

Now I hope that I will be reading a lovely reunion between Clint and Phil next chapter and these two deserve to be happy and together!

Well I just realized how long this review is and what time it is, I gotta get some writting in before I have to get ready for work!

Oh one last thing, I wanted to thank you as reading your story has totally inspired me to start writing in this fandom. *more hugs* I forgot how much of a drug writing could be!

Did I mention how much I loved this chapter? I can't wait for the next one!
7/23/2012 c28 3sasodei-iz-awesome
Ooh! I'm really loving this story so far. I never thought it, but I ADORE this couple. :D

Peace, love, and all that shit...
7/23/2012 c28 9Silver Mirror
So happy that Clint finally took down the guy who shot him! So are we going to get an epic showdown between Phil and his mom? That would be awesome! Or if she refuses to allow Clint to be release I can see Phil going and breaking Clint out of prison himself! Of course, a cage couldn't stand in the way of true love!

So yes, epic chapter, number 28! Can't wait to read 29!
7/22/2012 c27 anoncommentfairy
Your story is interesting and definitely different. My one complaint would have to be dialogue tags. While reading I get a bit confused on who is saying what, just drop a couple tony says or I said or s/he says and it will be so much clearer.
Also if you stick to said and its general variations then it will flow better because readers learn to treat the word said like it doesn't exist which in this case is a good thing. Good luck on your next chapter. Happy writing,
-The anonymous comment fairy.
7/22/2012 c27 Guest
I just want to take all the guys and give them a big hug after reading this chapter! But you know how the old saying goes - things will get worse before they get better but they will (I hope) get better! Also, nothing wrong with the chapter length a short update is better then no update and this is a fair size chapter!
7/22/2012 c27 1Waiting On A Knight
Aw. I loved this chapter. It had a bit of angst and it had fighting and just... I'm speechless. (And that's coming from *me*)
7/21/2012 c26 Waiting On A Knight
Awww. :D

Please, give me a moment to collect myself.

This was just soo.. AUGH! I love it!

My only concern: You didn't *actually* say Phil's name in that phone call scene. That isn't a bad sign, right? I mean, it *was* Phil, Right?

Anyway, beautiful chapter. :3 I can't wait for the next one!
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