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7/21/2012 c26 9Silver Mirror
I love you! This chapter is just... it's a wonderful chapter! Clint finally said those three little words, we now know who the shooter is! By the way, totally did not see Bucky coming in as the shooter but I love it! So awesome!
7/20/2012 c25 Silver Mirror
Oh my gosh! I just wanted to cry when Clint told Nat to drive off! So sad! This was a lovely chapter!
7/20/2012 c24 Guest
Aww. I liked it! Update soon.
7/20/2012 c24 9Steph5756
I can't believe Clint didn't talk to Phil! Poor Phil... Update soon, please. :)
7/20/2012 c25 1Waiting On A Knight
I loved Clint taking his pill. Nice going on Nat's part, using the pain against him. I couldn't help but laugh.

I loved this chapter! It didn't need to be any longer, you displayed quite nicely what needed to get across.

I cried for Phil. So sad... Seeing Clint and then him being gone?

Clint's evil for doing this! I swear. Are we gonna find out what he and Tasha talked about, by the way? I wanna know.

Also, what's he need from his apartment? I wanna know! :O

Good chapter! :D Can't wait for tomorrow.
7/19/2012 c24 9Silver Mirror
Oh gawd! This is wonderful! So does this mean we will get a Clint/Phil reunion before he goes to hunt down the bad guy? That be awesome! Also, love how you brought Darcy in! As always, can't wait for the next chapter!
7/19/2012 c24 1Waiting On A Knight
HI hi! :D

This chapter was beautiful.

I love how Darcy was crushing on Clint. Phil'd be jealous. :3

I also loved... Actually, just mark it down as I loved everything.
7/18/2012 c23 9Steph5756
I think his smartest idea was falling in love with Phil. Okay, that wasn't really an idea. How about saving Phil's life? That was a smart idea. The best idea. Anyways, another wonderful chapter. :)
7/18/2012 c23 W.O.A.K
Sorry, again, for not logging in. Again. (i think I've done this before,at least.)

The log-in box took too long to pop up, so I'm posting as a guest right now.

That's right, Ashie! :D Glad you finally realized that. You could make 100-word chapters awesome. 800-900 is perfectly fine. (I'm serious about those 100-word chapters, though. You would rock them.)

This chapter was beautiful. I love how you displayed how worried both of them are and the back and forth between Phil and Steve/Tony was amazing.

Can't wait for next chapter!
7/18/2012 c23 Guest
Poor boys! There both suffering without being near each other! Just want to hug them both! Can't wait to hear what Clint's plan is! Until the next chapter! _
7/17/2012 c22 Guest
Aw. :D Loved the Tony/Steve in this chapter. Im glad we got to see their little side there. Cant wait for the next update!
7/17/2012 c22 1Waiting On A Knight
Short, but amazing! :D Just like always.

I loved Tony's scenes.

I loved how you added the line about Tony liking Bruce's green rage monster.

I can't wait for the next chapter! ohmigosh.
7/17/2012 c22 9Silver Mirror
Awesome update! Love seeing things in Tony's pov! Gah, just feel so bad for poor Phil! Just can't wait to find out what's going on!
7/17/2012 c22 9Steph5756
I don't like secrets. They make problems and problems make me sad. :(

Great chapter, can't wait for more. :)
7/16/2012 c21 7Scarlet Cloud
Aww. Jane! That's cool. I love how she suspects something's going on. Good chapter!
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