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for When Worlds Collide

9/6/2013 c7 4Major Simi
Wow, great chapter
2/20/2013 c6 Major Simi
Well good chapter he he he nice whit her bad cooking ad I no know one person more wgixhs food I should avoid
10/21/2012 c4 Major Simi
ok a bit short but alright, but i've got one question how did the wrati destroy a planet, i mean so that nothing remains also, the wraith only destroy civilisations who have at least entered the industrial age, not the ones in middle age, anyway good chapter
9/23/2012 c3 Major Simi
he he he well looiks like SGA1 made it out alive, or a normal day in pegasus galaxie for them
7/31/2012 c2 Major Simi
well looks like the Wraith have decided to make a little visite, well anyway great chapter whit nice and funny scenes there, so keep going,
7/31/2012 c1 Major Simi
hmm, good and interesting idea, great chapter, but one thing you made wrong Walter Harriman is still stationated in the SGC on earth, instead it is Chuck, i think, secondly when atlantis dials they don't say the chevrons as it goes ther much faster as in the sgc because there they have a dialing computer, well but other than that it was good and acurate, well keep going

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