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9/24/2021 c10 7Slayer76
Rose: the clingy girl who would have gotten left behind with a quickness if the Doctor's mind was replaced with an SI
7/20/2021 c3 2TuscanKB
This is actually pretty neat, got a smile out of me. Hard to believe that Season 5 was 10 years ago now, boy does time fly.
8/18/2020 c15 6The 1st Bookworm
Please update. This is awesome
6/13/2020 c13 kittyrsocute
I liked Martha more than I liked Rose honestly. I felt bad for her unrequited feelings. And I was glad that she didn't completely abandon her family like Rose did. Even though her family didn't seem to appreciate her as much as they should.
6/13/2020 c11 kittyrsocute
Day of the Doctor is my favorite! We finally find out what happened with Queen Elizabeth the First! And they save Gallifrey!
6/13/2020 c9 kittyrsocute
The thing from episode 4 of season 8. I don't think we ever found out what it was. But it was scary on it's own and the Doctor was scared of it too so that just ramped it up the scary meter even more for me. Also, the thing from Midnight. Actually the thing from Midnight is the scariest and the the one from Listen takes a close second for me.
6/13/2020 c8 kittyrsocute
Donna Noble is my favorite companion ever! Amy and Rory are my second favorites, but Donna is the Queen for me!
2/5/2020 c15 5DannieLawman1995
Don't like Clara all that much. Too full-fledged herself, too cocky and arrogant and all that.
12/30/2019 c9 PJ
I really like your idea of how Phoenix got into the Doctor Who universe, and I think this piece in general is really cool. I love how you write because you make it engaging without being too much, unlike many other fanfics. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a fan fiction or anything, so sorry if my review sucks. I just wanted to say that this fiction is cool. I love the TARDIS trying to get them together. That’s great.
Btw, I think that the weeping angels are the scariest because they end your life, but they don’t end it in pain like most other things, even though you will still die anyways, instead they take away your life and throw you into an environment you know nothing about with no way back home, no identity, no money (because money changes), looking like a crazy person because of your clothes, and make you almost certainly waste away your life. They force you to live in pain, which is much worse than dying in pain because dying ends much faster and it’s going to happen anyways. Also the whole “the images of an Angel is an Angel itself” thing.
7/30/2019 c15 ReadingForever
Only 15 chapter but over 500 reviews... you are beloved by all your readers 3
I know it may be a bit futile, but I’m holding out hope that one day you see how much we love your story and you slowly continue it. Even if it were one chapter a month I think we would be like hawks and always keep our eyes on this. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you’re happy and living the best life. I know it’s possible that you’ve outgrown fanfic, but if you ever change your mind, we'll be here to support you.
2/13/2019 c15 3scarlet rose white
Please update soon!
8/31/2018 c15 Moony.R.J.Lupin
this is a great fic, and i really hope that it hasn't been abandoned because i love it
5/22/2018 c15 ErrantHuntress
Please continue this story, it's really good.
5/21/2018 c15 nadibear14
Plz update! This is a really GREAT Doctor Who fanfic! I love ur OC and how she is in the story. Plz cotinue!
12/20/2017 c15 1SakuraRoca
Keep updating this is my Fav out of some fanfiction i read
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