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10/21/2012 c3 4superbubbles
please update this story its been for-ever
10/19/2012 c3 chiarakato
i liked a lot ! but its kind of sad knowing that their good times finished , actually i almost stop reading because of it ...with the good part, it makes me want to read and to stop reading ...

9/23/2012 c3 AvatarKorra9
Holy mother effing refrigerated bananas, Batman! THIS WAS FREAKING SPECTACULAR! I almost stopped after the first chapter because I felt like it was the kind of story that was gonna make me cry, but I am sooooooo glad I didn't! I love this story with all my soul (Get that? Not heart, SOUL, which should be an indication to how awesome this is)! There is nothing at all that I would change. Except, I don't ship Dick with anyone, at all, ever, under any circumstances no matter what, but it's your story and I'm not going to stop reading it because of that, because, as I've already said, THIS STORY IS FANTABULOUS! Anyways, sorry you had to read my rant about how I think you might be my favorite person ever in the history of all the people that have ever been awesome, but I just wanted to say, please keep going! This story can't even be described with words, and I'm generally pretty hood at describing. To good actually because I tend to over explain things. You want to know what the Harry Potter books are about? Let me give you a thirty minute rundown of each one, with direct quotes and any thing important that might have happened, which I think everything is. Per book. And I know you dont really care about that, but that's how UBER AMAZING this story is. And I know this might be annoying because it's Problably all you get, but please update soon, and I really am sorry you had to read all this. If you even did, cause it's so long.
Love you! I mean... Err... Bye. That's what I said. Yeah. Bye.
7/27/2012 c3 31TamaraneanOnMars
I'm really liking this, though I am kinda confused. At one bit, Barbra said "I think she meant Artemis and Wally.". Don't they think she's called Alice...?
7/6/2012 c3 Guest
Love it so cool
7/6/2012 c3 15Geist1321
I'm liking this story a lot. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/6/2012 c3 1Shokugeki no DxD
This story looks like its going to be really amazing. I hope there is a happy ending even though you kind of said there wouldn't be one, but it would be nice. Anyway, I wonder who dick will end up with, personally I prefer zatanna, but it also seems from the beginning prologue that he ends up with no one. Actually it seems that nobody ends up with anyone in the end, but I guess I will have to wait and see. The whole secret ID thing for Artemis was a nice twist too. I think that is going to add a lot as the team grows. I can't wait for the next chapter. By the way you didn't rush this at all. The length was actually great and definitely one of the longer chapters I have read which I think is a good thing. So, don't worry about making the chapters too long because they are usually better that way. I can see the story having a lot of depth and I can't wait till you update. I am looking forward to more.
7/5/2012 c3 Guest
this is really interesting. I look forward to seeing what you write next and can't wait to see how they react to when they find out she's Artemis but that's probably going to be a long time.

No surprise to see Zatanna and Robin already suspicious of Artemis and like how Bette Kane will seem to have a bigger role in the story compared to the cartoon. I like the interactions between ppl and seems that the team's secret ids will be revealed soon.

If I have any criticism to your story, it would probably be how long the chapter is and the abrupt scene changes. Other than that, you seem to have a good story with a good plot coming along and hope to see why you plan on what happens next.
7/5/2012 c3 41Styx and Stones1
I love this story.

More, please!
7/4/2012 c3 7randommonkeyz998
No criticism! Love it! XD
I dont think it was rushed at all, this is probably the longest chapter I've read for a while! :D
7/3/2012 c2 Guest
Cute cute cute cool cool cool
7/1/2012 c2 1WoodbridgeWine
I rely like it so far but I'm still confused on who dick will like because personally I like him with zatanna but if he's going to like Barbra then I think zatanna should end up with someone else
7/1/2012 c2 7randommonkeyz998
Why must you torture us with a preview? It looks so awesome! I love it! Please update soon! XD
7/1/2012 c2 AlexaJohn185
Oh this is getting very interesting! I am excited to see the next chapter!
7/1/2012 c1 AlexaJohn185
It is a bit confusing...but I'm gonna stick this out.
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