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3/9 c2 DarkHunter10
Well I don't think naruto is going to accomplish much if he keeps being an idiot...But then again a SUDDEN change will have everyone thinking he's possessed.. So he's kinda BACKED HIMSELF INTO A CORNER there... It's a problem with writing time-travel fics... As for the changes he HAS made? Mizuki "terrorized the village"? HOW? He was basically a low level substitute teacher... That got his butt beat and KILLED by another chunnin the second he broke out of prison in canon.. That's not really enough time to "terrorize" anybody... (well, other then naruto, and there he was preying on the fact naruto WAS GOOD... Just REALLY DUMB).. After all if he thought naruto REALLY WAS bad at sneaking... He wouldn't have sent him in, to be caught and narc him out.

As for the team? Well.. I can KINDA see that not enough had changed.. But I also have a bit of a problem here.. Naruto already SPENT one lifetime trying to "bring the uchiha back" and that DIDN'T work.. Why would he WASTE a unique second chance, beating his head against the same wall? Wouldn't he just "neutralize" the threat? Instead of throwing his life away AGAIN on someone that he KNOWS now, cannot be "fixed"? He doesn't seem like the type to WASTE "second chances". (which is what spending all his time on the uchiha would BE... He has so much OTHER stuff that is of equal, or GREATER importance).
1/17 c23 Rgb
Morning, out of curiosity, have you mothballed this story? Think you've written it well, would be great to finish.
1/17 c1 Rgb2
This is a great story, please continue it!
10/8/2023 c4 3Detsella Morningdew
Love this.

Still, "Fuinjutsu: Activate" is a little silly when the canon exclamation is usually "Fuin!" Which just means "Seal."

Or something else along those lines would work. Explosives also have something similarly short. ("Katsu!")

I always had the headcanon that long justu names were said because they took a long time to execute. For a quick activation, it seems silly.

(Unlike some, I don't mind jutsu names. Anime style stuff isn't terrible. I just like keeping them a little more realistic.)
9/24/2023 c12 Guest
I’m out. This is beyond needlessly complicated and the number of absolutely retarded decisions is staggering. I can’t tolerate the overwhelming stupidity this writer drowns his story in.
9/24/2023 c11 Guest
I’m out. Naruto is too fucking stupid. Naruto should never have brought blood any blood near hidan, he knows this, even commented on it, and still did it. Unforgivably stupid and the writer did this for drama. Idiotic writer.
9/10/2023 c23 chattytricks
I've been reading fanfiction for a couple weeks, and I can safely say this is probably my favourite story so far. It is very unfortunate that the author abandoned it though. Still, amazing fanfiction and thank you for writing this for us to enjoy.
7/22/2023 c23 22AEC1990
I started rereading this a few days ago when I was in the mood for nostalgia and Naruto time travel/redo fic. I hadn’t realized I read this before until I got to the point of Shino. There is so much potential here! There are so many things that are either midmotion or just beginning with this chapter. I wish there were more, but it’s been long enough that this probably won’t ever be complete, and that’s fine. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this. Thanks for the years you put into this!
7/7/2023 c23 Darkness91
7/4/2023 c23 natthan.velasquez
To bad that this story will likely never be finish. I knew it would end like this as many other stories do sadly.
1/1/2023 c1 Kurtulmak
This was an excellent story, and I know it's been 8 years since its last chapter and 2 since any other story updated, but I've followed this just in case of a one in a million chance of continuation or sequel.
12/23/2022 c23 Queen cat spark
You Amazing
12/12/2022 c8 3SirMoe
Someday, all these lies will catch up Naruto; I just know. Can’t wait for the Kurama talk. I do find it weird, however, how Naruto sometimes refers to Kurama as the Kyubi and other times as his name.

Looking forward to reading Chapter 9!
12/12/2022 c7 SirMoe
Yes, I’m really enjoying that changes to the timeline are starting to show effects. Absolutely brilliant! Wonder who attacked Sasuke…
12/12/2022 c5 SirMoe
There’s way too much exposition this chapter. You wrote this in 2012–people know full well all this information, so I don’t know what use there is in going over it throughly. Very boring. Also, why did you change Rasa’s name to Daiki?

All in all, I’m enjoying, but I hope the plot picks up soon. You’re doing well with him meeting the Kazekage, but stop showing us Naruto in Konoha doing team stuff
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