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1/1/2018 c23 8This Username Is Classified
This... Is such a magnificent story. EXTREMELY original and well-written, it's clear you had things planned out really early on and you managed to lure in the readers effectively. I was personally eager to read more and more throughout the whole thing and am saddened that this hasn't been updated in years - though I hope eventually it will be. If you had to stop somewhere, this place was as good as any, I guess.

The details are amazing. This chapter - genius! If Naruto can't be promoted through the exams, then field promotions and such would totally work.

As I said before, this was a very original idea. Completely different from the show pretty much and I like it so much. I also like how it's different from your typical time-travel fic in the sense that after so long, Naruto hasn't revealed the fact that he's from the future and that you've managed to write the story in the way that makes his overpowered-self sorta believable to the other characters so he isn't ENTIRELY under suspicion and all.

Anyway, thanks for sharing such a wonderful story and I hope to see more! xx
12/14/2017 c23 Trickster79
OMFG! Hiruzen, you dog! I knew he would encounter a way to promote Naruto without making him take the exams :D
Although for a moment there I was thinking it would be more like "Well, they banned him from participating in the Chuunin exams but they didn't say anything against the Jounin ones" this solution was most satisfying! Shows exactly the perks of being Hokage, xd.
I love this fic to the core and I cannot believe I haven't read this way before, when I started reading Naruto based fics...but! Now I have find this masterpiece and thus, shall wait 'till the next update faithfully no matter how many years it will take ;
(It wouldn't be the first fic I am still waiting to revive)
12/7/2017 c23 2Wyrd Phoenix
Ah, no cliffhanger. Questions of the future that I may never see, perhaps, but I am completely satisfied with how this went. Curious as well but most importantly satisfied. Well-done! :)
12/7/2017 c22 Wyrd Phoenix
People always saying foolish boy but in the end, they underestimate the facades of facades. ANyways, this is probably one of my favorite chapters even if I'm not entirely sure why. I love the characterizations and the story growth. I've pretty much stayed up all night/early morning reading this after getting past the last story which was so disappointing so this has really lifted my moods. Hoping that the latest update won't have a brutal cliffhanger XD
12/7/2017 c20 Wyrd Phoenix
So he's done 3 major things for the village and they're making him a scapegoat.
1. Saved Team 8's Team
2. Literally brought Shino back from death
3. Got Kurenai back from Pein personally
and 4. Made a temporary treaty between Ame and Konoha.
Kyuubi was right. These people claim they trust Naruto (aside from Jiraya and maybe Gaara) but in the end, they turn their backs on the one that can change destiny.
Good story, this was unexpected, however, so I wonder what will happen next.
12/6/2017 c17 Wyrd Phoenix
Good thing Naruto has Jiraya ay? I always found it strange that people write the third more trusting of Naruto than Jiraya but the fact of the matter is that Hiruzen was too lenient on his old friend Danzo and that shown his difference between trust and deceit.
12/6/2017 c15 Wyrd Phoenix
Oh yeah! I forgot he still had Hidan's head XD
12/6/2017 c14 Wyrd Phoenix
Woot! Go Sasuke! He has a heart and soul after all ;)
12/6/2017 c3 Wyrd Phoenix
Love it
12/3/2017 c23 ShanaFox
Why must you leave us this way... just why
I feel heartbroken
11/26/2017 c23 29YokaiAngel
11/19/2017 c23 apocs
any chance for an update?
11/10/2017 c23 Sompathing
Update Please!
11/6/2017 c23 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon.
10/24/2017 c2 1Kakatoes
Hello there,

Really liking it so far, your take on the story is original, going to read the rest right now!

Thanks for the hard work,

Cheers :D
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