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7/4/2012 c5 6pinkfusion
First off, thanks for some insight about the past (future? this time traveling stuff is confusing lol) I was surprised that Konohamaru became hokage before Naruto! Actually, I'm surprised Kakashi became hokage after Tsunade. Usually Naruto follows after her. Ahh, but it's a nice change. And the logic behind it makes sense.

Lol Naruto is a little TOO smart for a genin. He's seriously raising some suspicion. I hope his smartness will be able to influence Sasuke from deflecting.

Ahhh I wonder how this "infiltration" mission will go. Naruto really seems to be having fun with it. And posing as Jiraiya? I hope he doesn't get caught!

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the next one
7/4/2012 c5 Guest
totally love it, cant wait for when the fox meets the tanuki, update soon!
7/4/2012 c5 1oldman543
Awesome awesome awesome doesn't describe it. Well written and so far well thought out. Looking forward to more.
7/4/2012 c5 1Bobboky
Very good
7/4/2012 c5 1OoOXylionOoO
O yeah It will definitively be fun when I read it ;)
Please keep on the wonderful work )

7/4/2012 c5 FateBurn
Good chapter
7/4/2012 c5 1Kuro Ryoushi
Hm, not bad so far. like the direction your heading with it
7/4/2012 c5 Guest
Awsome story keep up the good work. The way you bring out the time travel is great he is not overly powerful because one must retrain the body but the way you focus on intelect gathering and focusing on his stealth which is complettly forgotten in the manga is great. hopefully you keep a fast pace adding of chapters this story is to good to let me wait.
7/4/2012 c5 8Polki
I became so sad when I got to the end and there was no "next chapter" button. Thanks, though, for the super quick update, and I hope you make the next one just as fast! I enjoy your other story as well, Wand and Shield, but I prefer this one.
7/4/2012 c5 Andrew MacKenzie
I vote... S-Class. This could cause international incident easily.
7/4/2012 c5 1RamenKnight
Its always good when you enjoy your job. Most of the time.
7/4/2012 c5 Guest
lively the continuation supert history
7/4/2012 c5 1Akira Stridder
hahaha woow amazing!
7/4/2012 c4 Akira Stridder
what? kazekage? wat
7/4/2012 c5 shugokage
Wow again I really like the fact that this Naruto is finally serious but also still fun!
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