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3/26 c28 altend42
Truly love this story. Hope the muse inspires you again someday!
6/26/2022 c28 Thelma
I loved this story and have re-read it three times. I would love to know how it ends but love it just the same. Thanks for sharing it with us.
5/4/2022 c1 TsukuyoGintoki
this might be good but it seems like they are almost going a crack route. which... fine I guess but I wanted something more serious.
12/28/2021 c9 celajwhitney
so Gran had a little talk with the lawyer, and scared the crap out of him. good!
12/28/2021 c7 celajwhitney
getting Jason "fixed" was a smart move. he should do that to Sam too.
12/28/2021 c5 celajwhitney
burn Pam's clothes and shoes and make her buy clothes at Goodwill.
12/27/2021 c1 celajwhitney
I love this story, it's been so long it's new again.
3/2/2021 c15 4Anabely
I am enjoying the original plot line you have taken in the story.

I find it very puzzling that you have made Sookie so angry at Hadley for the reason you give. Sookie’s anger is reasonable, but for her to be angry because Hadley had an abortion because she was talked into it by her rapist family member is not reasonable. No woman should be judged for not carrying a baby caused by rape to term. It’s wonderful if a woman feels she can handle that, but it is fully understandable if she can’t. And this baby was also a product of incest which could have caused health problems or a genetic disorder if any dangerous recessive genes showed up. A person of the kind of compassion Sookie has would not carry a grudge for this decision. She would for all of the other things Hadley did, but not for that. I don’t think that you can continue to justify Sookie’s purported compassion given her reasons for her actions here.
12/26/2020 c28 2Maxguevara36
I truly enjoyed reading this story and I’m sorry to see you’ve abandoned it. Here’s hoping you return to finish it. I really would love to read the rest and see how it ends.
6/30/2020 c8 TheVikingsValkyrie
4/27/2019 c28 Ihootie
I just found this story and it was amazing. I hope you come back someday to finish it!
4/18/2019 c28 EricFan71
PLEEEEEEASE come back to this story, it’s been terrific and so many things left unresolved! I’ve loved every moment of it.
11/16/2018 c27 HSkarsgard
Reread this amazing story again wishing it wasn't abandoned:/
10/24/2018 c28 Sooty85
You know I'm absolutely bl**dy furious with myself for reading this story.
I've been let down so often in the past by flipping authors who do not finish their stories. This author kept on saying she would definitely finish - yet guess what she didn't.
This why I only read Completed stories now and yet somehow I failed to notice that this one wasn't - that's on me for not checking :(
If an author can't or doesn't want to finish their story then for goodness sake at least have the decency to either add just a paragraph and give the quickest, shortest epilogue ever or take the d*mn story down so other people like myself don't get caught up in what is a good story but are then left hanging when it has no ending !
5/25/2018 c28 HSkarsgard
I know it's been five years since your last update but I do hope you come back to this bloody brilliant peice of work. I love future Seer Gran :)
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